Doomfist Smashes His Way To 'Overwatch': Here Are The Brawler Hero's Origin Story And Skills


Doomfist has finally arrived in Overwatch, with the multiplayer shooter's newest hero now available in the game's public test realm.

Hype surrounding the addition of the mysterious Doomfist to the Overwatch roster gained momentum earlier in the year when the game's Numbani map was changed to feature smashed robots and a destroyed airport, with the Doomfist gauntlet that is the map's payload found missing. The clamor reached fever pitch earlier this week when a lore update revealed that terrorist organization Talon broke Doomfist out of prison.

Doomfist Origin Story Trailer

Blizzard officially introduced Doomfist as its 25th hero through an anime-style origin story trailer that many are considering one of the best among all Overwatch videos.

In the trailer, Doomfist was shown in battle against Winston, Tracer, and Genji all at once. Even with superior numbers, Doomfist was able to take out Genji and Tracer before going up against a raging Winston. Doomfist apparently lost that battle, which is why he was locked up in prison.

However, with Reaper and Talon freeing Akande Ogundimu, he has apparently tracked down his gauntlet to reclaim the mantle of Doomfist.

Doomfist Skills: Try Them On The 'Overwatch' PTR

Doomfist, who now has his own page in the shooter's official website, is now available in the Overwatch PTR, allowing PC players to try out the character's skills before he is rolled out into the main game.

Doomfist's primary weapon is the hand cannon, which allows him to fire a short-range burst from his fist. He also has a passive skill named The Best Defense that provides Doomfist with temporary shields whenever he deals damage with his abilities.

The first skill of Doomfist is Seismic Slam, which sees him leap forward and smash the ground to knock nearby enemies toward him. He also has the Rising Uppercut, which sends opponents up in the air, and the Rocket Punch, which makes Doomfist lunge forward after charging up, pushing enemies back and dealing extra damage if they hit a wall.

The ultimate of Doomfist is known the Meteor Strike. Doomfist jumps into the sky and then crashes into the ground, dealing heavy damage to all opponents within the area.

Doomfist: Not Terry Crews

It is well known among Overwatch players that Hollywood actor Terry Crews auditioned for the role to voice Doomfist. Unfortunately for his fans, it seems that part was given to veteran actor Sahr Ngaujah.

Ngaujah does not sound as explosive as Crews, but he provides Doomfist with a voice that will likely send chills down the spine of opponents who face him.

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