Vagina Glitter Capsules Receive Thumbs Down From Gynecologists


There's a new trend on the rise and as with many below-the-belt trends, it is both attention-grabbing and potentially hazardous. Vaginal glitter bombs are apparently the new product to try, and gynecologists are quick to point out the product's safety hazards.

Glitter Capsules

Pretty Woman Inc. is the company that sells these glitter capsules for the nether regions. Simply put, the glitter capsules were made to be inserted into the vagina an hour before doing the deed to make lovemaking more fun, enjoyable, and apparently, sparkly.

The product is basically a glitter bomb for the nether regions. The product description states that the capsule will eventually dissolve during lovemaking and that its main purpose is simply for fun as it adds a little sparkle and sweetness to the experience.

It is said to be made from FDA-approved ingredients such as vegetable stearate and starch-based edible glitter.

Questions And Answers

Naturally, doctors were concerned about this product and were quick to raise questions regarding its safety specifically when it comes to placing glitters into the nether regions.

Particularly, San Francisco-based ob-gyn, Dr. Jen Gunter, warns that glitter is made of plastic, so its presence in the vagina could lead to a quick infection development. Further, she mentions that even if the glitters were made of sugar or even just has sugar, which is another red flag when it comes to vaginal health as sugar can yet again lead to infection.

The above-mentioned points are concerns shared by Dr. Shazia Malik, an Ob-gyn, and Dr. Vanessa Mackay of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Further, Dr. Gunter points out that an item may be edible, but it doesn't mean that it is safe to be inserted into the vagina.

On its website, Pretty Woman is pretty fierce when it comes to defending its product. In fact, it has already provided answers to many anticipated questions.

For instance, the company was quick to point out that gynecologists would likely warn people not to place things in their vagina. It did not exactly negate this statement, but the company pointed out that even items such as condoms and tampons pose a risk when being inserted into the vagina.

What's more, Pretty Woman also pointed out that the edible glitters are round in shape, so they have no sharp edges, and that there are probably more harmful glitters in cosmetic products such as lip gloss.

The company also said that it is "sure" that the cases of yeast infections are not caused by the glitter and that they "just happen sometimes."

Pretty Woman, however, suggests people with hyper-sensitive vaginas to exercise caution and "common sense" when deciding whether or not to use the product. Similarly, it also warns that the glitter particles could possibly trigger asthma attacks when ingested.

As always, exercising caution is important when it comes to trying out trends, especially when it involves placing an object inside a body cavity, whether we're talking about glitter capsules, healing jade eggs, or wasp nests. Yes, wasp nests.

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