Nintendo Switch Keyboard Lets You Dock Your Joy-Cons And Have The Console QWERTY Experience


Here's a rather odd Nintendo Switch accessory: Cyber Gadget has designed a keyboard with sides you can slide your Joy-Con controllers in. Think of it as a regular full-functioning keyboard but flanked by Joy-Con sliding terminals on each side.

Look At This Switch Keyboard From Cyber Gadget

The device, which might look somewhat bizarre at first, looks pretty normal and even obvious the longer you look at it. It's not the first time such an accessory was released, though. Back in the day, GameCube had a similar peripheral, though not as ergonomic and appealing as this one.

Hori, a popular accessory maker, also created a keyboard peripheral for the Switch, but it didn't take off. It was simply a USB keyboard that connected to the console, and you can't insert Joy-Con controllers on its sides. Hori, however, remains arguably the most popular brand for accessories, having released a variety of peripherals — microSD cards, a car charger, and others — for the Switch.

What The Accessory Could Be Great For

Cyber Gadget's Switch keyboard is designed with some titles in mind, including Dragon Quest X, where online chat plays a crucial element in the multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, like Hori's accessory, this keyboard still needs to be plugged to the Switch to work, and while it certainly features sliding terminals for both Joy-Con, it can't charge them. So if you're eyeing Cyber Gadget's keyboard, you have to be mindful of the battery level.

Another title that could benefit from such an accessory is Animal Crossing, which Nintendo hasn't announced for the Switch, of course, but nonetheless will arrive at some point in the console's life. Animal Crossing, a pretty lax game about having animal villagers, features an online chat system of some sort. While we still don't know how Nintendo will handle online communication for the title this time around, it's safe to assume this keyboard will come in handy once it's released.

If all points stated above aren't enough of a selling point, keep in mind that the accessory also works with PlayStation 4 and PCs, so it could basically serve different gaming consoles you might have in the household.

Cyber Gadget's keyboard accessory for the Switch launches on Sept. 30 for around $30, although the company hasn't confirmed if it'll reach stateside. Keep an eye out for its official Amazon listing to know if or when it'll hit Westerners.

Thoughts about Cyber Gadget's keyboard accessory for the Switch? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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