International Space Station Tour Now Possible With Google Street View


Google Street View has gone beyond Earth to give us a glimpse of the International Space Station (ISS). People can now see and explore inside the ISS directly from their computer or smartphone.

ISS On Google Street View

If you've ever wondered what it looks like inside a spaceship, Google has got you covered. With help from European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet, Google is now offering 360 degree views of the ISS from the inside.

The Google Street View of the ISS shows the different modules where the astronauts rest, eat, exercise, and conduct research and experiments. However, because of the difficulties of working in space, taking the photos required a lot of troubleshooting and collective efforts from the astronauts, Google Street View, and NASA to collect the required images using DSLRs and current equipment on board the ISS.

When Pesquet had collected the separate photos, he sent them back to Earth, where they were stitched together to form the 360-degree images of the spacecraft.

Apart from the fact that the 360 degree images of the ISS are stunning, they are also educational, as each image is accompanied by a description of the different modules. For instance, the image of the Cupola Observational Module, which showcases an incredible view of Earth from space, is accompanied by a short history of its construction as well as its current purpose in the ISS.

"Looking at Earth from above made me think about my own world a little differently, and I hope that the ISS on Street View changes your view of the world too," said Pesquet.

International Cooperation On The ISS

The ISS is the largest space station ever built, and its space program is one that brings together space crews from different countries. It is the most politically intricate space program ever created, as it brings together different nations, which include Russia, the United States, Japan, Canada, and Europe.

Since its inception, it has been visited by astronauts from 18 different countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Belgium.

If you're still not satisfied with the beautiful imagery of the ISS provided by Google Street View, NASA has also provided video tours of the space station care of its resident astronauts.

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