Eagle-Eyed 'Overwatch' Players Spot Weird Things In Doomfist Preview Video: Are Those New Weapons, Or Weapon Skins?


Blizzard released a New Hero Preview video for Doomfist earlier this week in preparation of his arrival in Overwatch, but some players have spotted weird things in the trailer.

Hero skins have been very popular as cosmetic items that Overwatch players can get from the game's loot boxes, but there is currently no way to change the look of weapons outside of changing skins and the hard-to-get golden weapons. However, that might soon change.

Weird Weapons In Doomfist Preview For 'Overwatch'

The New Hero Preview video for Doomfist talked about the development of the 25th Overwatch hero, but eagle-eyed gamers discovered some interesting tidbits in the footage.

In a thread he started on the official Overwatch sub-Reddit, a player who goes by the name good_samartian revealed that at the 3:59 mark of the Doomfist video, Soldier:76 was shown wearing his classic skin but carrying a different version of his Heavy Pulse Rifle. While the rocket launcher underneath the weapon's barrel is still there, there seems to be a couple of prongs at the end of the rifle, with a red-and-orange bar along the side.

Another Redditor, Nyxxic, noticed that there is also something different with the SMG that Sombra is carrying in the video. While the gun retains the green accents of her original weapon, Sombra is clearly holding a different one in the video.

What Do These New 'Overwatch' Weapons Mean?

One of the popular theories among Overwatch gamers is that the strange new weapons spotted in the Doomfist preview video mean that weapon skin are soon coming to the game. Hero skins have proven to be very popular, so the development team might be looking to add another layer of customization by rolling out weapon skins as another cosmetic item that players can acquire from loot boxes.

There is also a theory that the weapons are involved with the upcoming Summer Games event. This is because Sombra's gun in the video carries a logo that looks similar to the one found in skins for last year's Summer Games.

The most farfetched theory is that these are actually new weapons. Some gamers have said that the weapon that Soldier:76 wields in the video strongly resembles a flamethrower. Does this mean that he would soon be able to trade his bullets for flames, or is this Blizzard using Soldier:76 to test the weapon of a future hero?

Until Blizzard gives an official explanation, players can instead look forward to the arrival of Doomfist into the main game of Overwatch on July 27.

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