Killing Floor 2, an intense first-person shooter, is finally coming to the Xbox One in August, but it will not run at native 4K on the upcoming Xbox One X.

The game was initially released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in November 2016. Killing Floor 2 was actually one of the free games offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers for June 2017.

Killing Floor 2 Finally Coming To The Xbox One

Tripwire Interactive recently announced that Killing Floor 2, a cooperative first-person shooter wherein players need to survive against hordes of zombie-like creatures named Zeds, is finally coming to the Xbox One on Aug. 29. It will carry a price tag of $39.99, and will include the main game and all previously released content packs, namely The Tropical Bash, The Descent, The Summer Sideshow.

The developer's announcement hinted that it was working on adding enhancements to Killing Floor 2 for the Xbox One X, including 4K support. However, when Wccftech reached out to Tripwire Interactive for more details, the developer revealed that Killing Floor 2 will not run at native 4K on "the world's most powerful console."

For gamers who want to see Killing Floor 2 at native 4K, playing the game on the PC looks like it will remain the only option for such an experience.

Killing Floor 2 Will Not Run At 4K On Xbox One X

Killing Floor 2 senior graphics programmer Dave Elder said that it only took around four hours of programming to get the Xbox One version of the game ready for the Xbox One X. However, Killing Floor 2 will only run at native 1800p on the upcoming console, with fixed resolution and no checkerboarding.

According to Elder, the development team experimented with true 4K rendering for Killing Floor 2 on the Xbox One X, but discovered that the frame rate drop was too significant to pursue the endeavor. Running at native 1800p provides the best balance between graphical quality and game performance for the first-person shooter on the Xbox One X.

There is no specific frame rate target for the Xbox One X, though Elder noted in the interview with Wccftech that it will be higher on the upcoming console compared to the Xbox One. The Xbox One X version of the game will use its Ultra textures at 1800p resolution, which is the same as Killing Floor 2 on the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, Killing Floor 2 on the PlayStation 4 Pro does not use native resolution, as it instead utilizes checkerboard rendering.

While Killing Floor 2 will not run at native 4K on the Xbox One X, the inclusion of all content packs for the game and the action that it offers could be enough reason to interest gamers in trying out the first-person shooter on the upcoming console.

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