Sony revealed the free games that will be offered in June to PlayStation Plus subscribers just before the month rolls in.

The free games line-up for June will be available beginning June 6, which means that subscribers still have a few days to download the titles offered by PlayStation Plus for May.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2017

Sony officially announced the new batch of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers through an official PlayStation blog post, accompanied by a video highlighting the two free titles for the PlayStation 4.

The first free game for the PlayStation 4 is co-op zombie shooter Killing Floor 2, which picks up right where its predecessor left off. In Killing Floor 2, teams of up to six players will try to eliminate the zombie virus outbreak in continental Europe.

Providing a complete reversal in pace is the second free game for the PlayStation 4, the episodic adventure Life is Strange. The game, which is stretched across five parts, follows the story of photography senior Max Caulfield as she discovers her ability to rewind time.

Life is Strange, which has accumulated several awards and received high praise from critics, generated controversy when creative director Jean-Maxime Moris revealed that several publishers turned down the game because its lead character was a female. Fortunately, Square Enix saved the day for developer Dontnod.

For PlayStation 3 gamers, the PlayStation Plus free games roster for June 2017 are side-scrolling action-adventure brawler Abyss Odyssey and racing simulation WRC 5: World Rally Championship. It is currently unclear how long Sony will continue to release free PlayStation Plus games for the PlayStation 3 though, as production and shipments for the previous-generation console already ended in Japan.

Lastly, PlayStation Vita owners with a PlayStation Plus subscription will receive top-down cyberpunk shooter Neon Chrome and arcade puzzler Spy Chameleon as free games for June. The two titles are also cross-buy games with the PlayStation 4, so they can be purchased and launched on both devices.

Improving Lineup For Free PlayStation Plus Games?

Many gamers previously criticized the free games being offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers, as some of the titles were not popular titles that would draw interest.

However, it seems that Sony's lineup of free titles is now starting to improve, as both Killing Floor 2 and Life is Strange have received positive reviews. Last month's free games, including episodic adventure Tales from the Borderlands and underwater explorer Abzu, were also popular.

Gamers, however, should remember that they should not expect recently released AAA titles to show up as free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. A 12-month subscription for $60 enables online play for various popular games such as Overwatch and Battlefield 1, so the free titles offered to PlayStation Plus members are more of a bonus.

PlayStation 4 At E3 2017

As Sony prepares to launch the free PlayStation Plus games on June 6, it is also gearing up for its presentation at the upcoming E3 2017.

The big question that many people will ask for E3 is whether Sony will be able to keep the PlayStation 4 on top against improving challenges from its competitors. Gamers who would like to watch Sony's presentation at the annual event can either access the official livestream or do so through local theaters.

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