The Xbox One X will be released on Nov. 7, and preorders for "the world's most powerful console" will start very soon.

The console, which was unveiled last month at this year's E3, will come with a price tag of $499. Gamers looking forward to the Xbox One X should already have this amount ready, as preorders will launch any day now.

Xbox One X Preorders To Start Soon

Through Twitter, a gamer asked Xbox head Phil Spencer when preorders for the Xbox One X can be expected to launch. Spencer did not reply with a specific date, but he did reveal that the console has already received all the necessary approvals. The announcement for Xbox One X preorders "won't be too much longer," he said.

Xbox One X preorders should be expected to start in the next few weeks, though with Spencer claiming that "our plan is set for this," Microsoft may already have everything prepared and was simply waiting to be granted all the required approvals, which might mean an earlier launch for preorders than expected.

Spencer added that there is the possibility that there will be Xbox One X bundles that will come with 4K televisions, which is a requirement to maximize the capabilities of the console.

One of the theories is that Microsoft will announce and launch preorders for the Xbox One X next month at Gamescom. This is a feasible idea, as it will continue the trend of major announcements for the console being made in a massive video game event.

Excited gamers can already add the Xbox One X to their wish lists on various retail websites, while others offer the option of signing up to receive an e-mail notification once preorders for the console start.

Should You Buy The Xbox One X?

A $499 price tag is a steep one for a video game console, but early Xbox One X benchmarks reveal that the cost is very much worth it.

Compared to Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One X features an advantage in terms of raw power on paper, though how much better compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro is up for debate. Gamers who currently own the original Xbox One or the Xbox One S should definitely think about upgrading to the Xbox One X if they have a 4K television at home.

The biggest criticism against the Xbox One X, however, is the lack of excellent exclusives for the platform, as the PlayStation 4 is miles ahead in that department.

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