Nintendo Switch Will Get Remastered ‘Resident Evil Revelations’ Bundle Later This Year


The Nintendo Switch will get two more games from Capcom later this year: remastered versions of Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2.

Those who missed the chance to play both games on older-generation consoles might deem the Switch ports as the perfect time to finally play it, especially because it won't keep them glued to their couch. Some players might even buy those games again just for the portability the Switch offers.

Both games will come in a bundle called Resident Evil Revelations Collection, priced $39.99. The physical release only includes a single cartridge — the first game — but players automatically get a download code for the second title. The collection will even include all previously released add-ons.

However, both games will also launch separately on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 each, Capcom explains. So those who don't want to buy both games can only buy either one.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One Release

Resident Evil Revelations will also make their way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It launches Aug. 29, and PS4 players will get an animated theme if they preorder digitally. Certainly awesome news, of course, if it means that all players across the board will get the remastered titles, but for many, nothing beats the Switch's portability.

Again, Capcom has yet to announce a proper release date for the Switch ports, but they'll surely come before this year ends. Late October to November seems like a good release window for both games, with Halloween and all.

Does This Mean The Nintendo Switch Is Starting To Get Third-Party Titles?

Resident Evil Revelations Collection coming to Switch might not seem as a big deal for some, but many will definitely perceive it as the Switch finally getting momentum from other developers outside of its home base. Part of what caused the Wii U to fail was its sheer lack of third-party support, so there's certainly hope among Nintendo fans that other developers will pay attention to the Switch this time.

That certainly seems to be the case. Keep in mind, however, that Resident Evil Revelations Collection only contains ports of games released on older, less powerful hardware, so this might not even signal a broader outpouring of support from other developers at all.

That said, Nintendo has to hope it's a great first step. Frankly, the Switch isn't as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One, but it's definitely the most powerful handheld device out right now. Developers see the merit in that, surely.

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