RiME For Nintendo Switch Gets Nov. 14 Release Date: Should You Go Physical Or Digital?


RiME, a critically lauded game that has been compared with the likes of Zelda and The Last Guardian, was released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC a few months back, yet so far disappointingly absent of an official release date for the Nintendo Switch.

But now, fans of the hybrid console can finally relax and expect the game to launch on Nov. 14 in the United States, and Nov. 17 in Europe. That's a tad bit far, sure, but it's better than no date at all.

Tequila Works and Grey Box say that the Switch version is delayed because its development started later than the other versions. That said, the developers note that the wait will be worth it. The additional time was mostly spent on refinements and optimizations for Nintendo's console.

RiME For Nintendo Switch: Pricing And Availability

The Switch version will be priced somewhat differently. The digital version will cost $29.99, which is the same as the Xbox One and PS4 versions. The physical version, however, will cost a bit more at $39.99 but it will come with a voucher code for RiME's soundtrack. The added cost, reports say, has to do with manufacturing and printing the game on Switch cartridges.

Again, RiME arrives on the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 4.


Some of the phrases critics have handed out to RiME include "beautifully realized," "artistically stunning," and "hauntingly beautiful." Because of its themes of exploration, the game drew many comparisons from emotional heavy hitters such as Shadow of the Colossus, the Zelda series, and others.

RiME follows a cloaked boy charting a vast, largely unexplored terrain. His only weapon is his voice, which helps him advance and solve puzzles along the way. While the premise won't win any points in novelty, RiME integrates its puzzles in a way that won't punish the player when they fail.

Digital Or Physical?

When RiME launches for the Switch this November, there will certainly be a debate on what version is the best one to get. Well, it depends. If you don't mind not having a physical cartridge and a box art, you should certainly opt for the much cheaper digital version.

However, if you have $10 more to spare and would really want to have RiME's physical case displayed on your gaming shelf, well, you should get the retail version and you'll get the game's soundtrack, which Time describes as "a lovely mix of orchestral, organ and electronic sounds that map beautifully to the game's shift between ebullient and elegiac moments."

Would you go for the physical or digital version of RiME when it launches on the Switch this November? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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