Having Trouble With 'Final Fantasy XV' Comrades Closed Beta? Square Enix Will Launch Another Online Test For The Multiplayer DLC


Square Enix will soon launch another closed beta for the Final Fantasy XV Comrades expansion, the DLC that adds a multiplayer mode to the previously single-player RPG.

The first Comrades DLC closed beta runs from Aug. 3 until Aug. 8, but players have ran into certain issues with the online testing, pushing Square Enix to plan another run.

Square Enix To Launch Second Closed Beta For 'Final Fantasy XV' Multiplayer DLC

The first closed beta of the Comrades DLC for Final Fantasy XV was meant to give players a glimpse of the highly anticipated multiplayer mode for the RPG.

However, the Comrades beta has been plagued with server issues and a variety of other problems, severely impacting the experience for players and preventing Square Enix to gather valuable feedback to prepare the DLC for its full launch.

In its official support forum, Square Enix confirmed instances of matchmaking not completing properly or not transporting players properly to the Campground. Currently, players on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to restart the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades app as a workaround to the problem. Players are also reportedly experiencing disconnection problems, as well as encountering enemies such as the Iron Giant, Ronin, and Naga that have HP that are either difficult or impossible to decrease.

In light of this, Square Enix tweeted through the official Final Fantasy XV account that there will be another closed beta that will run from Aug. 11 to Aug. 13, after the developer releases an update to improve the matchmaking capabilities of the expansion.

What Does 'Final Fantasy XV' Comrades Offer?

In the Comrades expansion, players will be able to use a very deep character customization tool to create their personalized avatar, who will then team up with three other players, either also human-controlled or AI-controlled. Teams will take on a variety of missions, and because all characters are members of the elite fighting force in Final Fantasy XV known as the Kingsglaive, they will have access to the warp skills, magic attacks, and weapons arsenal of Prince Noctis.

While the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer beta is limited in scope, it offers three different missions to serve as a preview of what players can expect from the expansion. The first is a hunting mission against a Garula pack, the second is an escort mission to protect a supply truck, and the third is a mission to defeat a Naga.

The full version of Comrades will introduce more missions for teams to take on and new weapons, attacks, and customization options for players to acquire. Players will likely see more of the multiplayer beta and Final Fantasy XV at the upcoming Gamescom.

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