Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Beta Now Available: Comrades DLC Offers Extensive Character Customization, Intense Missions, And More


The closed beta for the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV multiplayer mode is now open on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This will allow players to catch a glimpse of what the Comrades DLC will offer once its final version is launched, including an extensive character customization tool and different types of missions.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Beta

The Final Fantasy XV Comrades expansion will add a cooperative multiplayer mode to the single-player RPG, a feature that has been teased as far back as October last year.

The Comrades beta will grant players access to three different missions. The first mission will require players to hunt a pack of Garula, the second mission will have them escort a supply truck, and the third mission will request for players to take down a Naga.

Just like in the main game, players will carry out the missions in teams of four, either with other human players or with AI-controlled characters. However, all members of the party are members of Kingsglaive, the elite fighting force of Final Fantasy XV, so they all have access to the warp strike, magic skills, and different weapons of Prince Noctis.

In addition to the combat system, another great selling point for Final Fantasy XV Comrades is the extensive character customization tool. Players can adjust practically every aspect of their character's face and body, with additional options for things such as colors and tattoos.

The closed beta for the Comrades DLC will run only for a few days until Aug. 8. The requirements to gain access to the beta are a copy of Final Fantasy XV, a subscription to either the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold services, and ownership of the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass.

Players who are thinking of buying the Season Pass just to be able to participate in the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer beta can still do so for $24.99. In addition to access to the Comrades beta, the Season Pass also unlocks all the previously released DLC for Final Fantasy XV, along with upcoming content such as Episode Ignis.

What Else Is Coming To 'Final Fantasy XV'?

The Comrades DLC is still in beta stage, so there is likely much more to the expansion than what can currently be seen. One of the popular theories is that players can acquire points or currency that will allow them to unlock more cosmetic items to further customize their characters.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades will likely make an appearance at Gamescom, which will be held in Germany from Aug. 22 to Aug. 26. For now, players can enjoy the additions made by Update 1.13, which includes the redesigned Magitek Exosuits and the return of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

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