The Anker Eufy Genie Is A Cheaper Version Of The Amazon Echo Dot: What Does The $35 Alternative Offer?


The least expensive way for customers to get Alexa in their homes was through the $50 Amazon Echo Dot, but budget accessory maker Anker has revealed an even cheaper option.

Named the Eufy Genie, the Alexa-powered smart speaker will only be sold for $35 once its listing goes online on Amazon next week.

Anker Unveils The $35 Eufy Genie

The Anker Eufy Genie, the latest in the company's series of home automation device, is essentially the Echo Dot, just not in the Amazon brand and with a cheaper price tag.

According to Anker, the Genie will be the core of the Eufy Smart Home System, as all of the company's other Eufy devices will be compatible with Alexa. Anker will launch the Wi-Fi-enabled Eufy Lumos smart bulbs at the end of August, a new app-enabled version of the Eufy RoboVac in September, and soon also other devices that will include smart switches, smart plugs, and smart light strips.

Similar to the Echo Dot, the Eufy Genie is easily set up and is able to access more than 15,000 Alexa skills. The Eufy Genie also uses the Far-Field voice recognition technology of Amazon, which would allow it to interact well with other Echo smart speakers.

Anker, however, promises that the audio quality of the Eufy Genie will be better compared to the Echo Dot, though this might not be a good selling point as both smart speakers can be connected to bugger speakers through a 3.5mm cable. The number of microphones in the Eufy Genie is only two, compared to seven in the Echo Dot, so the $35 smart speaker might not be able to pick up voice commands as well as Amazon's official version.

Amazon Echo Expansion

Alexa-powered smart home devices such as Anker's Eufy Genie are not considered as rivals for the Echo line of speakers, primarily because they still introduce Amazon's Alexa platform into homes.

The Anker Eufy Genie will launch on Amazon on Aug. 16. The popularity of the $35 Alexa-powered smart speaker remains to be seen, but it is a great example of how the Amazon Echo and Alexa are continuing the expansion into households everywhere.

For customers who are looking forward to a better Amazon Echo experience and not a cheaper one, you might want to wait for the Amazon Echo 2, which is already reportedly in the works. The updated version of the Alexa-powered smart speaker is rumored to both look and sound better, to allow it to better compete against the Google Home and Apple HomePod.

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