The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date in the United States remains one of the best-kept secrets for the upcoming smartphone, but a new rumor claims that the release of the device will come sooner than what most of us think.

A previous report revealed that Samsung is planning the Galaxy Note 8 launch in its home country, South Korea, on Sept. 15, and it was believed that the date will also see the worldwide release of the smartphone. The real question, however, is whether the Galaxy Note 8 launch date will really matter.

Galaxy Note 8 To Launch In United States Next Week?

Samsung announced in July that it will be holding an Unpacked event in New York City on Aug. 23. While the company did not state that the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled, clues such as the minimalist graphic on a teaser photo hint that the highly anticipated device will be the highlight of the event.

The Unpacked event on Aug. 23 was only supposed to be an unveiling, with the smartphone's actual release date will also be announced at the event. The above report stated that the Galaxy Note 8 will launch in South Korea on Sept. 15, but according to a rumor, that date is not the global release date of the smartphone.

According to a rumor posted on the official Android sub-Reddit, Samsung fans in the United States will barely have to wait to get their hands on the smartphone after its Aug. 23 announcement. The rumor claims that the Galaxy Note 8 launch date in the United States is Aug. 24, a day after the Unpacked event.

The Redditor who posted the rumor said that the source of the information is a Best Buy employee, and that the Galaxy Note 8 release date was confirm through both Verizon and Samsung channels. A moderator for the sub-Reddit verified that the thread starter's source is indeed from Best Buy, but warned that rumors such as this one should be taken with a grain of salt.

Does The Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Really Matter?

With Samsung fans primed to purchase the Galaxy Note 8 and Apple fans to patiently wait for the announcement and launch of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8, does the Galaxy Note 8 release date really matter?

Whenever it is launched, the Galaxy Note 8 will go up against the premium iPhone 8, while also contending against the LG V30.

An Aug. 24 release date for the Galaxy Note 8, however, could give it a good head start against another popular Android smartphone, the Google Pixel 2. In a discussion among moderators in the aforementioned thread, they expressed their concern that they might purchase the Galaxy Note 8 instead because Google has not confirmed that there will be a Pixel 2 headphone jack.

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