Following Blackberry's recent shift to a more software focused approach, the company said it has teamed up with LG, which will release several handsets that will come preloaded with the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) app.

The LG G Pro Lite will be the first phone to be released with the preloaded BBM app. The G Pro Lite was first announced in October this year and the 5.5-inch Android smartphone will be released in the Middle East, China, Russia, India and Latin America. However, current LG owners will still be able to install the BBM app using the LG App Manager, which is also preloaded on most LG handsets. It is uncertain whether LG owners will still be able to install the app using Google Play.

"BBM is widely used throughout the Middle East, Africa and Indonesia where smartphone users tend to engage heavily in social networking," says LG Vice President of Marketing for CIS areas, the Middle East and Asia Kevin Shin.

"The LG G Pro Lite offers an optimized BBM experience with its large, high quality display and embedded Stylus Pen," Shin adds.

Delays and postponement issues have constantly plagued the BlackBerry Messenger app. However, the recent LG announcement is expected to give the app a boost. With the discontinuation of its hardware product line, BlackBerry will be pining its hopes on their flagship app and other services.  The BBM app is already quite popular in Google Play and iOS and the LG deal may bring even more users to the veteran messaging service. When the app was first released on Android and iOS, the app received over 10 million downloads in less than 24 hours and quickly shot to the top of charts in the free apps category.

Given the current locations indicated in the announcement, it appears that BlackBerry and LG will be focusing their preloading campaign in emerging markets such as India and China. However, American and European consumers can also expect BBM preloaded LG smartphones in the near future.

Last month, BalckBerry said it has teamed up with specific OEMs that will sell handsets with the BBM app pre-loaded, in emerging markets.

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