The successor of Google's popular Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 2, was spotted in an FCC listing, confirming some of the rumors that have been attached to the upcoming device.

There have been many reports involving the Pixel 2, but the specifications and features discovered in the FCC listing are the closest thing that we currently have to official details regarding the smartphone.

Google Pixel 2: What We Learned From The FCC Listing

The FCC listing confirmed some of the specifications that users can expect from the Pixel 2. The smartphone is shown running Android 8.0.1, the upcoming new major version of Google's mobile operating system that is currently simply known as Android O. The device is also powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 and appears to have a native storage of 64 GB, up from the base storage of 32 GB in the original Pixel.

The Google Pixel 2 will once again by built by HTC, the same manufacturer for last year's Pixel. The documentation reveals that HTC will be bringing Edge Sense to the Pixel 2, a feature that will allow users to squeeze the sides of the smartphone to open apps or activate certain commands. In the FCC listing, the feature is named Active Edge and is set to activate the Google Assistant.

The squeezable frame has previously been rumored for the larger Google Pixel XL 2, and the FCC listing confirms that the feature will also be available on the Pixel 2.

How Do We Know That The Device In The FCC Filing Is The Google Pixel 2?

The name of the Pixel 2 was not outright mentioned in the FCC filing, but certain clues point to the fact that the smartphone in the documentation is indeed the Pixel 2 and not a different device.

First, the images in the documentation show navigation buttons on the display that are exclusive to Pixel smartphones, which rules out the possibility that this is a different HTC smartphone, as the company still uses capacitive buttons. The Settings menu featured in the filing also resembles that of stock Android and not of the Sense skin of HTC.

Lastly, the mere mention of Android 8.0.1 should confirm that the device is indeed the Google Pixel 2, as it is very unlikely that a device from third-party manufacturer will go through the FCC with the next major Android version instead of one from Google.

Other Things We Know About The Google Pixel 2

Leaked Google Pixel 2 images reveal that the design of the smartphone will still feature thick bezels compared to the rumored slimmed down bezels of the Pixel XL 2 and of practically every other flagship smartphone in the market.

There is also a rumor that there will be no Pixel 2 headphone jack, a move that might push Android fans to instead buy Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.

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