Leaked Google Pixel 2 Images Possibly Confirm Disappointing Design Choice


Yet another close look at the Pixel 2 has surfaced, offering an early glimpse at Google's smaller flagship.

The new leaked images seem to confirm previous ones where the phone sports thicker bezels, a design choice that alarmed some.

Slowly, this new smartphone era is jumping to the bezel-less trend. Both Xiaomi and Samsung have devices — the Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Samsung Galaxy S8, respectively — that champion this feature, while other major phone manufacturers are rumored to come out with similar displays, Apple being one example.

So it's no wonder why people were confused upon seeing the alleged image showing the Pixel 2, in huge part because of its thick bezels on the top and the bottom. Now, GSMArena has obtained two more photos showing the front and back panels, lining up with the design featured on the previous leak.

Google Pixel 2 Leak: What We Know

Based on the two images showing a real-life Pixel 2, a few things become evident: Google is apparently going for a more rectangular shape this time, unlike the original Pixel's more rounded corners and form factor.

Speaker cutouts are visible on both the top and bottom bezels, which seems to imply that the Pixel 2 will feature stereo speakers, a rare thing to find on most smartphones. The original Pixel only had one speaker cutout, so if the Pixel 2 is indeed getting stereo speakers, then it'll most definitely feature better, richer sound.

Again, as if it can't be stressed enough, the Pixel 2 has pretty thick bezels. Of course, this wouldn't have been an issue two or three years ago, but smartphone innovation moves fast, and it's certainly not impossible for some customers to bail on this device purely because of its thicker bezels. It's worth noting, however, that a bezel-less display alone doesn't make a good phone. Similarly, some might see it as a non-issue but put it beside a Galaxy S8 or an LG G6 and the difference will most likely stun anyone.

On the back, the phone is the same partial glass panel found on the original Pixel, but this time it has a smaller footprint. The fingerprint scanner retains its original location, and finally, there's a single camera at the topmost part beside the flash. A dual camera setup seems like another trend Google will not jump into, which, again, might be a dealbreaker for some.

Google Pixel 2 Possible Announcement Date

It's always worth keeping in mind that the images you just saw should still belong to the category of rumors and speculation. Until Google officially announces both phones itself possibly later this year, then it's not worth declaring doom on both handsets. If it follows its usual announcement pattern, Google could drop a word about its next Pixel flagships by October. Expect due coverage if or when that happens.

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