This might be the perfect time to buy either a Google Pixel or a Pixel XL.

After facing some serious issues with supply, Google now has both Pixel phones well-stocked and is even offering huge discounts to anyone who wishes to purchase the devices. It's part of the company's Back to School event, and it's the first time Google has ever slashed the price of its flagships this low.

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Discounts

For those getting the larger Pixel XL, you can now buy it for only $569, while those looking for a smaller phone can get the Pixel for just $125 less at $524.

But that's not all. As if the deal couldn't get any sweeter, Google will also throw in a free Daydream View headset when you purchase either one.

Visit Google's online store to learn more about the deals. You can even choose between Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue, the rarest of the three colorways. The base version comes with 32 GB of onbaord storage, but you can add $100 more to bump it up to 128 GB. The Really Blue variant, however, has no option for 128 GB.

To get the free Daydream View headset, you have to individually add it to your cart. It's listed as $79, but Google will take the cost out once you add it to your cart.

Should You Wait For The Pixel 2?

It's worth keeping in mind that Google is expected to unveil the next-generation Pixel phones this October, which, of course, will definitely have better features and specs. That said, even if it will, it's most definitely going to cost a premium. And no one is certain just how better the new Pixel will be.

The current Pixel phones are one of this generation's best reviewed Android phones, and while smartphone cycles evidently don't last that long, the Pixel is Google's baby, so to speak. It likely won't abandon it going forward, so you can expect software updates probably up until Android Q or R, whatever those might be. Both phones will definitely support the forthcoming Android O, and should you get a Pixel now, you will have slightly outdated hardware, sure, but at least you'll have the latest software directly from Google.

Besides, the Pixel 2 doesn't look that impressive as it stands. Many have already seen the leaked images, and it looks like Google will disappoint some customers by not putting a bezel-less display on the Pixel 2 — a non-bezel-less screen might be something fans of the Galaxy S8 or LG G6 find unacceptable.

So if you're looking to upgrade your phone, you can't do better than the Google Pixel or Pixel XL, especially at those prices.

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