Earlier this week, it was reported that HTC, once one of the leading smartphone companies, is contemplating on acquisition prospects. Its virtual reality arm, Vive, is reportedly the most likely candidate to be sold off.

In theory, the embattled smartphone maker could convince potential acquirers to purchase the whole company. However, this is less likely because HTC "isn't an obvious fit for a single acquirer," according to Bloomberg's sources.

No final decisions have been announced. It is also still possible HTC could withdraw the potential acquisition strategies, Bloomberg reports. HTC talking about acquisitions is hardly surprising. The company has lost 75 percent of its value over the past five years, likely because of the always-changing landscape of consumer tech.

Someone's Already Interested In Buying HTC Vive

Should HTC follow through with its plan to sell Vive, there might already be a stellar candidate willing to purchase it, and he knows VR more than anybody: Palmer Luckey. On Friday evening, Aug. 25, Luckey created a thread on the Oculus subreddit titled, "What do you guys think, should I buy Vive?" Luckey also posted a similar thread on the Vive subreddit.

Even with a potential buyer, reports say that HTC isn't committed to dumping its Vive business yet, and as mentioned, plans could change. The Vive is still one of the most popular standalone VR headsets in the market right now, alongside Luckey's Oculus Rift, which Facebook owns.

In 2012 Luckey created a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for the creation of the Oculus Rift, which at the time was still in its early stages. Facebook bought it a couple of years later for $2 billion. Luckey is perhaps the most recognizable face of VR at present, and having him as a potential buyer of Vive is certainly a big deal.

What Would Happen To HTC Vive?

Should Luckey purchase it, the implications remain somewhat vague. For instance, will he change the headset's name? Will it be part of the Oculus line? Will he borrow the Vive's room-scale gaming capabilities and integrate it into the Oculus Rift? Will Facebook be involved? It's pure guesswork at the moment, but it certainly makes for an exciting, if not suspect, time for the development of VR.

What do you think? Should Palmer Luckey acquire HTC's Vive division? What do you think will he do with it if he does purchase it? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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