Samsung is looking to recover from last year's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco with the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8, but it seems that the company just can't shake off the curse of exploding batteries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall order for the batteries found in some Galaxy Note 4 units due to overheating issues, presenting the risk of more smartphone fireballs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Recall

The recall order issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission affects certain Galaxy Note 4 batteries. The batteries are found to be prone to overheating, which presents a risk for burns and fire hazards.

The recall order evokes memories of the Galaxy Note 7's exploding batteries, the controversial Samsung smartphone that was the subject of two product recalls before the device was finally shut down. Investigations revealed that a flawed battery design and rushed production ultimately combined to lead to the failure of the Galaxy Note 7.

The question, however, is why the exploding battery problem surfaced on the Galaxy Note 4 three years after it was launched. Fortunately for Samsung, it is not the company's fault this time.

The faulty batteries were found in refurbished Galaxy Note 4 units that were distributed by FedEx Supply Chain as replacement devices under AT&T's insurance program. According to a spokesperson for Samsung, the company had nothing to do with the program, and the recalled batteries are not authentic Samsung products. Some of the batteries were found to be counterfeit, which is likely why there were overheating.

The Galaxy Note 4 batteries are replaceable though, unlike the batteries of current models, so the fix will entail a simple swap. FedEx has sent out replacement batteries to affected users, with the recalled batteries only numbering about 10,200 units.

Will Samsung Recover With The Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung is doing everything it could to prevent a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle with the Galaxy Note 8, including the implementation of new safety standards in the upcoming smartphone's production. The testing process for Galaxy Note 8 batteries have been expanded, with an eight-point checklist to make sure that the batteries will not explode.

Unfortunately for Samsung, an exploding battery story has once again been attached to its name. While Samsung fans are confident that the company will not go through another embarrassment for the Galaxy Note 8, it appears that the universe will not let us forget the link between Samsung and exploding batteries any time soon.

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