Fitbit Unveils New Ionic Smartwatch: GPS, NFC, Heart Rate Sensor, Onboard Storage, Water Resistance, And More

Fitbit has finally unveiled its Apple Watch killer after much speculation. It's called the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, retailing for $299.95, out worldwide in October.

Ionic joins the company's lineup of wearable fitness devices such as the Zip, Flex, Alta, and Charge. It's most similar to the Blaze, up until now Fitbit's only fully featured smartwatch. The Ionic is undoubtedly Fitbit's new flagship wearable. Here's a brief look at the device's features.

Fitbit Ionic: Features And Specs

Fitbit promises Ionic to deliver more personalized coaching, health, and fitness experiences "not previously seen in other devices." It's got the bases pretty much covered: a GPS, a heart rate sensor, and, surprisingly, an NFC reader for contactless payments.

Made for fitness activities, Ionic is water resistant, so swimmers don't have to worry about leaving it on their wrists while butterfly-stroking their way across a pool. Interestingly, it's also got Bluetooth support for wireless headphones, and it features onboard music storage. One of the main criticisms of smartwatches is that they often prove functionless if not paired with a smartphone. Ionic will seemingly at least let you listen to music without lugging around your daily driver.

Fitbit claims the Ionic has a "multi-day" battery rate at more than four days, which is impressive for something so tiny.

As for the specs, the Ionic has a Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen that can display up to 1,000 nits. The pixel count remains uncertain, but for what it's worth, Fitbit calls the resolution "crisp." The nano-molded unibody is strong and lightweight, built with 6,000 series aerospace-grade aluminum. It comes in three main combinations: Charcoal & Smoke Gray, Slate Blue & Burnt Orange, and Blue Gray & Silver Gray. Users can also swap out the bands with different styles.

Fitbit Ionic: Software

Where the Ionic really shines is software, and there's a lot. There's coaching software that can develop personalized workouts. For instance, if the watch detects you've just suffered through an intense training session, then it might recommend yoga for depressurizing. It also guides you through breathing exercises, detects your activity to adjust tracking, and for swimmers, it can detect your laps, stroke style, and calories burned overall.

Fitbit Ionic: Pricing, Preorder, And Release Date

The Ionic is priced at $299.95, $100 more than the Blaze before it. There will also be special edition Adidas model, though its price has yet to be revealed. Preorders are available now via Fitbit's website. Some online retailers will begin selling it on Tuesday, Aug. 29. It'll ship worldwide come October.

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