Here’s A New Footage Of 'Skyrim' On Nintendo Switch: Is It The Special Edition?

Brand-new gameplay footage of Skyrim running on the Nintendo Switch, docked, has been released. Previous videos of the same nature have almost always been undocked demonstrations, as in playing on handheld.

This is possibly the first time there's been a clear view of the Switch version of Skyrim running on the television, and it looks smooth and lag-free. We'll hold off judgments for now regarding the quality; however, since the footage is captured over-the-shoulder, it's still one of the most definitive gameplay teasers that has surfaced online.

Skyrim On Switch Looks Similar To The Special Edition

Included in the video are several battle scenes and an extended look at the environments, and they look pretty similar to the Skyrim Special Edition title for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There's presently a contention among Switch and Skyrim fans debating whether the game is a port of the Special Edition, released October 2016, or the 2011 vanilla version. There's hope that it's actually the Special Edition since several footages show in-game assets purporting so.

Special Edition or not, the game looks stunning, and what's even more amazing is when you realize that the entirety of Skyrim's world can fit in just one tiny Switch cartridge, and you can play it virtually anywhere you dream of.

Skyrim On Switch: Nintendo Quirks

Since it's on a Nintendo platform, it'll inevitably feature very Nintendo-ish stuff. The footage briefly demonstrated the amiibo function, for instance, which works by tapping specific amiibo from the Zelda series. This brings loot chests containing various items. Nintendo assures that the Link-themed armor we saw in June will be pretty common in loot drops. Do this and you'll be able to pretend Skyrim is just a gritty version of the Zelda series.

Other Nintendo-inspired things the title will have are various motion controls. Skyrim on the Switch makes use of what made the Wii popular, and it uses it well without heavy reliance. Players can use the Switch's Joy-Con controllers to shoot bows or pick locks. However, they seem only optional, as with the motion controls on another title, Arms.

Skyrim on Switch will feature the title's three expansions: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, which pretty much assures gamers that they'll be getting the full Skyrim experience instead of a crippled version optimized for the Switch's less powerful hardware in contrast to other platforms. It remains to be seen whether it's truly a port of the Special Edition or not, though some believe it's a highly customized version with Special Edition graphics and assets.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches on the Switch later this year, though Bethesda and Nintendo have yet to announce an exact date. Expect due coverage as we learn more.

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