'Destiny 2' Greets 'Destiny' Players With An Awesome Tribute That Takes You Back In Time

Destiny 2 developer Bungie said that it will be recognizing the accomplishments of Destiny players as they fire up the sequel, but nobody expected an awesome tribute to start off Destiny 2.

Bungie promised that emblems will be given to Destiny players for their achievements, but the significance of the tributes that open Destiny 2 far eclipses these in-game items.

No Carry Overs For 'Destiny' Players

Before the game was even officially unveiled, Bungie already said that players will only be able to carry over the looks of their Destiny characters into Destiny 2. Everything else, including the character's level, skills, currency, weapons, and gear will not be transferred.

The decision to have both new and returning players start with a clean slate was later explained in a Destiny 2 video, as the Tower and its vaults, along with The Last City, were destroyed in an attack by the Cabal.

Bungie later said in June that it will give players as many as seven emblems in Destiny 2 to mark the progress that they made in Destiny. Six of the emblems were connected to the Moments of Triumph or Age of Triumph record book, while the seventh one was tied to the Grimoire score of players.

However, it appears that Destiny was tracking statistics beyond what these emblems portrayed, and collected the information to open Destiny 2 with tributes for returning players.

'Destiny 2' Tribute For 'Destiny' Players

Players who log in to Destiny 2 using the PlayStation Network ID or Xbox Live gamertag that they used for their Destiny character will trigger the display of a collection of their personal milestones in the first game.

The Destiny 2 tribute is a montage of 10 black-and-white artistic renderings that portray the player's greatest Destiny achievements, stretching from the victory in the Martian Black Garden to the events of the Rise of Iron. The drawings depict the 10 events, the date when the achievement was made, and the usernames of the people that users were with for each particular milestone.

The tribute may unleash a wave of nostalgia, reminding players of all the hours that they poured into their characters in Destiny. However, at the end, there is the option to start a new adventure, followed by the character select screen where players can select their guardians from the first game, stripped of all their gear and levels.

Destiny 2 has launched with glowing reviews, and gamers on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should be pumped up after going through that amazing tribute. PC players, however, will have to wait until Oct. 24 before they get their first non-beta taste of Destiny 2 on PC.

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