A new map and massive changes to D.Va and Mercy are finally coming to Overwatch through the latest patch for the multiplayer shooter on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

All the additions to Overwatch spent time on the game's Public Test Region so that the development team can work out any bugs for the new map and hero tweaks. The changes are now being added to the main game for all players to enjoy.

New 'Overwatch' Map: Junkertown

The first highlight of the latest Overwatch patch rolled out by Blizzard is the Junkertown map, which was previewed in The Plan, an animated short released last month.

Junkertown, located in the Australian Outback, is where Roadhog and Junkrat used to live before they were kicked out by the lawless scavengers known as the Junkers and their leader, known only as the Queen. As an Overwatch map, Junkertown will be an Escort Map where one team will need to push a payload to specific destinations while the other team tries to stop them.

Revamped D.Va And Mercy

The tweaks to D.Va and Mercy went live on the Overwatch PTR about a month ago, though for Mercy, the better term would be an overhaul.

For D.Va, the Overwatch development team decided that her Defense Matrix was too strong, so they made the resource meter of the skill deplete twice as fast. In exchange, she was given a new skill named Micro Missiles. Once fired, D.Va's mech launches small rockets that explode on impact and deal damage within a small radius. D.Va can fire the Micro Missiles even while using her primary weapon or her other skills, which should make her a more aggressive hero.

More significant changes, however, were applied to Mercy. Her Ultimate skill, Resurrect, has been relegated to a basic skill, and reviving only a single target instead of all her fallen teammates. Mercy's new Ultimate skill, Valkyrie, transforms her into a killing machine, as she gains the ability to fly and unlimited ammo, along with being able to shoot faster and deal more damage. The cooldown of the new Resurrect skill is also reduced to 10 seconds from 30 seconds while Valkyrie is active, and her healing and damage-boost beams will be able to chain through multiple allies.

'Overwatch' Free Weekend

The new Overwatch patch comes just in time for the latest Overwatch free weekend, which will run from Sept. 22 to Sept. 25.

The Overwatch free weekend will allow PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC gamers to try out the massively popular multiplayer shooter. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers, however, will need to have an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

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