First ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ DLC Drops Later This Year, Bundled In 3-Part Season Pass: What’s Included


Koei Tecmo has revealed via the Tokyo Game Show key details about the upcoming DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors, a Nintendo 3DS and Switch title launching Sept. 28.

Like Hyrule Warriors in 2014, Fire Emblem Warriors DLC will be parsed into packs, each featuring different elements inspired by past Fire Emblem entries. Players may either get individual packs for JPY 1,400, around $12, or everything in a Season Pass bundle — plus a bride costume for Lucina — for JPY 3,000, around $26.

Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Plans Announced

The following are details about the DLC along with their release windows:

First DLC: centered around Fire Emblem Fates, coming end of 2017.

Second DLC: centered around Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, coming in winter 2018.

Third DLC: centered around Fire Emblem Awakening, coming in spring 2018.

What Each 'Fire Emblem Warriors' DLC Pack Includes

Each pack includes multiple playable characters and weapons. How much each pack and the Season Pass will cost outside Japan remains a question. What's also unclear is whether westerners will get each DLC the same time as Japan or much later. For one, the game will come out Sept. 28 in Japan, Oct. 20 everywhere else, so players should be prepared to expect a similar delayed release schedule for the DLC.

Also, specifically what each pack will contain remains much of a mystery, but Destructoid speculates that because they cost a bit more than the Hyrule Warriors DLC, there could be more content included per pack, but this is merely guesswork for the time being.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors will be the first Fire Emblem title for the Switch, the third for the 3DS overall after Awakening and Fates. It is part of Nintendo's long-running Fire Emblem franchise that's centered around tactics-based action. Specifically, this new title is a collaboration between Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors franchise and the Fire Emblem Series. Hyrule Warriors similarly was a crossover between elements from the Legend of Zelda series and Dynasty Warriors.

The same team that worked on Hyrule Warriors worked on Fire Emblem Warriors, the three of them being Intelligent Systems, Omega Force, and Team Ninja. The game was announced back in January during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

Thoughts about Fire Emblem Warriors? Which platform would you get it for — 3DS or Switch? Anything to say about the DLC? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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