LG has finally given its latest flagship a U.S. release date, but it's all bit confusing. For starters, the V30, tipped as one of this year's best phones, will reach stateside Oct. 5.

LG V30 Carrier Release Dates Announced

The confusion lies in the phone's varying availability dates. Verizon will be the first to launch the phone on Oct. 5, but hasn't given it an official price. AT&T, by contrast, will offer it one day later on Oct. 6 for $810 or $27 per month on a 30-month contract. Meanwhile, T-Mobile says it's going to launch Oct. 13 for $800 or $80 down and $30 per month on a 24-month contract.

The V30 is going to be the first phone to support T-Mobile's 600 MHz LTE spectrum, a technology the company has been heavily boasting about. On AT&T, meanwhile, the phone is described as "5G Evolution capable."

Reviews for the phone have been extremely positive so far. The Verge says it's the best flagship LG has ever made. Digital Trends has very few complaints about it; and a cinematographer on Game of Thrones even raved about its camera performance. The phone is getting major points for its design, performance, and revamped user interface. It also has nice little extras such as the onboard DAC, dual cameras, and cinematic video filters.

LG V30 Specs

The V30 has a gorgeous 6-inch HDR-capable OLED display with a FullVision 18:9 aspect ratio, which means its screen is a bit taller than traditional 16:9 phones. This is the first device in the V line to drop the secondary ticker, which LG replaced with a floating bar that the user can invoke or hide whenever they please.

Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of onboard storage. There's also a hi-fi Quad DAC, as mentioned, which is a necessary component for optimum audio experiences. Audiophiles will surely love the V30 for that feature alone.

On the back are dual cameras — one normal, one wide-angle. LG has opted for this dual camera system approach instead of making the other camera zoom lens or a monochrome sensor.

The V30 offers plenty of camera controls as well, in addition to a dedicated Cine Video mode that has color grading presets to make videos look richer, more professional, and a tad bit more dramatic than a flat, plain video.

The phone also features water resistance, wireless charging, and a lot more. It's a flagship device through and through, and it's really a good thing that LG is continuing to go back to basics, a trend it first implemented on the G6.

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