LG Reveals Revamped User Interface For V30: Floating Bar, Always-On Features, And Expert Mode For Photography

What do you do when your product leaks ahead of its release schedule? Well, you manage the leaks yourself, dropping piecemeal hints from time to time. That seems to be what LG is doing with its upcoming V30 flagship.

Instead of beating around the bush, waiting for a third-party source to reveal its secrets, LG has done the deed itself, showing off the V30 before any speculation meddles with the messaging. It recently announced that the phone will feature a camera with the widest aperture seen on a smartphone, and now it has followed that up by unveiling the phone's revamped software.

LG V30: Secondary Screen Replaced By Floating Bar

The V30 will run LG's UX 6.0+, the company has now confirmed. Unlike the V20, it won't come with a built-in secondary display. But that concept will see new life via the "Floating Bar" control panel, a semi-transparent bar from which users can access certain functions. It's similar to Apple's Assistive Touch feature in a way, but taking up much less space. It's hidden as a tiny arrow icon when not in use.

LG V30: Always-On Display

Since the V30 is rumored to sport an OLED panel, it only makes sense for it to have an Always-On display. This time, LG confirms it's been retooled. Aside from showing just the clock, it now includes "Quick Tools," music controls, and even photos. An Always-On display is a nice feature to have, especially on phones with OLED panels since they offer more accurate colors — blacks appear as true blacks instead of faint gray, and other colors pop.

LG V30: Face Recognition

In terms of security features, the V30 will boast a new Facial Recognition functionality that allows the user to unlock the device even when the display is turned off. There's also voice recognition, which combines the user's voice and special keywords to unlock the phone. LG says the voice recognition feature is supported by Qualcomm Aqstic voice UI technology, which means it'll always be listening, but will consume little battery power.

LG V30: Expert Mode

The V30 will also feature what's called an "Expert Mode," which will give users expanded manual controls for all their mobile photography needs. LG will also debut a feature called "Graphy," which allows V30 users to download or share camera presets for different kinds of shots.

There have been plenty of leaks about the V30 of late. Rumors say it'll be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, have 6 GB of RAM, offer up to 128 GB of onboard storage, and sport dual cameras. LG plans to unveil the device at an event in Berlin, Germany on Aug. 31.

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