Players Report 'Cuphead' Install Issue On Xbox One, Auto-Save Problem On PC: Here's How To Fix Them


The already notoriously difficult Cuphead, one of the few highly anticipated exclusive Xbox One games, is apparently giving both Xbox One and PC gamers headaches with two different problems.

The indie platformer, which utilizes nostalgic graphics that are seemingly pulled out from the 1940s, was first announced in early 2014 and then became the sleeper hit of E3 2015. The game, however, was delayed several times before it was finally released on Sept. 29, but the launch of Cuphead has been far from perfect.

Cuphead Won't Install On Xbox One

Players reported soon after the launch of Cuphead that they were not able to download and install the game into their Xbox One after they purchased it. According to a customer support representative, there was a problem with the purchase and content servers and that it would take only a few hours to resolve the issue. However, even after days, some gamers were still having problems getting the game into the Xbox One.

For players who are still experiencing the frustrating problem, there is a possible fix. According to Redditor kyrone69, players should hard reset their Xbox One, and then upon rebooting, Cuphead should still be waiting. Players can then reinitiate the installation process, and the game should proceed with the download.

The method worked for several other Redditors, so it is definitely worth trying for Xbox One gamers still suffering from the problem.

Cuphead Won't Auto-Save On PC

Meanwhile, some PC players who downloaded the Windows 10 version of Cuphead from the Windows Store are experiencing a different problem. The game's auto-save function is not working properly, which might cause players to lose hours of progress.

The developer, StudioMDHR, is already aware of the problem and has also given a temporary workaround. Players are told to avoid using the Alt-Tab combination of keys to leave the game, as doing so disconnects Cuphead from saving any progress.

It is unclear why using Alt-Tab to switch to the desktop cuts Cuphead from saving the player's progress, but at least players now know to avoid doing so. The developer added that it is now working on a patch to fix the problem. Players who purchase Cuphead from GOG and Steam, however, are not affected by the issue.

Xbox One Exclusives

Cuphead is part of the very short list of exclusives coming to the Xbox One this year. With the Crackdown 3 delay, Microsoft will rely only Forza Motorsport 7 to push sales for the Xbox One X, as Cuphead is not a game that will take advantage of the power of the upcoming console.

In comparison, some of the PlayStation 4 exclusives already released this year include Gravity Rush 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nier: Automata, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

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