How To Switch From The iPhone To The Google Pixel 2, And 3 Reasons Why


Google isn't pulling any punches in the smartphone competition, releasing ads that teach users how to switch from the iPhone to the Pixel 2.

Interestingly enough, the Mountain View company skipped the technical-sounding tone and opted for a more personal approach by employing the talents of some YouTube stars, presumably so they would appeal to more people.

How To Switch From iPhone To Pixel 2

Before hitting up the videos, here's the breakdown of how Google wants you to take the plunge and go for the recently unveiled Pixel 2 from an iPhone:

Step 1: Turn off iMessage and FaceTime in the settings menu. There, just tap on Messages and toggle the option off. Do the same for FaceTime, but this time, look for, well, FaceTime.

Step 2: If your iPhone is a work phone and has a work account registered on it, Google says to turn off your work profile so that your backup data won't be encrypted.

Step 3: Disable encryption on your iPhone backup data. To do this, just plug your iPhone into your computer or laptop and run iTunes. Once you're there, make sure you're on the Summary page and uncheck "Encrypt iPhone backup."

Step 4: Connect your iPhone to your Pixel 2 using the iPhone's charging cable and the Quick Switch Adapter that's bundled with your Pixel phone.

Step 5: From here on out, it's fairly simple. Just follow the on-screen instructions on your iPhone and your Pixel 2, log in with your Google account or phone number, and select which data to copy to the Pixel.

That's it — you're now ready to switch from the iPhone to the Pixel 2 once you get your hands on it, which is expected to start rolling out on Oct. 19. Take note that preorders are already live.

For the curious, the videos feature YouTubers Weylie on how to prep the iPhone for switching and Todrick on how to actually transfer the files.

Now those who migrated from an iPhone to the first Pixel phone before will find these steps to be a bit familiar. That's because Google basically did the same instructional videos this time around, but the difference is, there are now faces to the voices.

Here's the old clip for comparison's sake:

Reasons To Switch From iPhone To Pixel 2

Comparing, say, the iPhone X with the Pixel 2 is like comparing apples (heh) to oranges — other people prefer iOS or Android and others simply like the branding itself. In other words, there's no use in arguing about it when it comes to those factors.

But beyond those, there are a couple of points worth considering.

It's more affordable than the iPhone X: The Pixel 2 is priced at $649 for the 64 GB model and $749 for the 128 GB one, while the Pixel 2 XL is set at $849 for the 64 GB variant and $949 for the 128 GB one. On the other hand, the iPhone X starts at $999.

Pixel Buds is arguably better than AirPods: One big reason why that's true is the Pixel Buds can translate conversations in real time, supporting up to 40 languages.

It has Google Lens: Ever come across something and wondered what it is? With Google Lens, the Pixel 2 can tell you what's what. Just point it at the object that got your curiosity, and the AI behind the software will do its magic and try its best to figure out what it is.

For the record, not one of them sports a headphone jack, but Google did provide an explanation for that. Also, proving that not all rumors should be believed, the Pixel 2 doesn't house a Snapdragon 836 but a Snapdragon 835.

To sum things up, it almost sounds like Google is obsessed with placing information at users' fingertips with the Pixel 2, including breaking down language barriers, not to mention that it won't burn as big a hole in your pocket compared with the iPhone X.

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