It's official: Microsoft is no longer focusing on the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

That means any chance of the company unveiling the coveted and so-called Surface Phone is likely zero, but what does this mean for existing Windows 10 Mobile users? Well, they shouldn't expect anything more than bug fixes and security updates.

Windows 10 Mobile Phones Really Dead

This sounds like it's coming from a broken record already, but Windows phones are dead. The latest announcement of sorts related to the matter, which comes from Microsoft's Joe Belfiore via Twitter, is the final nail in the coffin.

At that, it's not a stretch to believe that the Surface Phone isn't coming at all, particularly because of the bit about "building new features, hardware aren't the focus." The question now is, why did Microsoft decide to take this route? Belfiore sums it all up nicely, saying that it was "very hard" to get more app developers onboard the platform. According to him, Microsoft dished out some cash to get more developers, and it even wrote apps for them. However, the user base of Windows phone is just too small to get their interest.

All in all, the results shouldn't come as much of a surprise. After all, there's just no incentive in building apps for Windows 10 Mobile when Android and iOS have significantly more users (even Bill Gates is using an Android phone now).

The Surface Phone

The word in town is, or rather "was," that the Surface Phone is Microsoft's key to revive its ailing smartphone business and Windows 10 Mobile, and it's within good reason too.

First of all, a lot of anticipation has been building up for it. That's partly because of the success the Surface product line has been achieving, despite the many issues, which caused Consumer Reports to exclude several of them from its recommended devices.

Another reason is that the rumors, leaks, and concepts have been compelling, painting a picture of a powerful smartphone with a flair for productivity. Of course, there wasn't any weight to them since they are based on hearsay, but an inkling of a possibility for them to materialize was enough to get certain users excited for the Surface Phone.

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