Earlier this year, Google promised it would eventually allow add-ons from third-party services to be integrated with Gmail, and now it looks like it has finally honored its word.

Native add-ons is launching for Gmail on Tuesday, Oct. 24 — here, "native" simply means that users don't have to install all the add-ons in different environments such as Chrome or other platforms. They're now available within Gmail and, once activated, will be present on every platform where they're accessed.

How To Use Gmail Add-Ons

Top browse for add-ons, simply navigate to the Settings icon on the upper right corner of Gmail's main page and choose "Get add-ons." This will open up the G Suite Marketplace's add-ons section for Gmail, which currently has a very few list. It could grow significantly moving forward, of course.

Also, the present lineup seems pretty business-centric, but Google said in March that it was working with a slew of other services to bring more work-related integrations. In a blog post, Google is telling developers that they can "easily create add-ons for your app or your organization" by writing their add-on code once, after which it'll run natively in Gmail on web and Android "right away."

Best Add-Ons To Try

Here are some of the best Gmail add-ons to try right this second:

Asana: This add-on turns emails with clients, customers, and teammates into trackable tasks accessible across teams inside Asana, and this is entirely performed right in Gmail.

Hire: Perfect for employers or small enterprises, Hire helps owners manage candidate information and upload resumes without ever having to leave Gmail. They can also access full job applications using Hire.

Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing: Another add-on perfect for business owners, Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing lets users create and send invoices right from Gmail. It can track payment statuses and invoices from anywhere, too.

Trello: Similar to Asana, the Trello add-on can turn emails into tasks accessible across a Trello team, making tasks that rely on collaboration significantly clearer and easier to manage.

Google also promised that a DocuSign add-on is coming soon, which will allow users to sign important documents directly in Gmail. No word yet when it's coming out.

Unfortunately, it seems the add-ons are only live in the desktop version of Gmail and on Android devices for now, and Google has yet to provide information on when they'll be released for other platforms. But Brooks Hocog, a Google spokesperson, confirmed that the company is "working with Apple to bring Gmail Add-ons to iOS users."

Thoughts about Gmail add-ons? Do you find them useful? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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