Destiny 2 PC Players Banned For Using Third-Party Programs? Bungie Says It's 'Internet BS'


The Destiny 2 PC version is not off to a great start, with players now reporting that they have been wrongfully banned from the game.

The allegations follow the long list of Destiny 2 for PC launch problems that gamers have experienced and reported. Most of these issues have solutions and workarounds, though, while a wrongful banning takes frustrations to greater heights.

'Destiny 2' PC Players Banned For Using Third-Party Programs

Shortly after the launch of the long-awaited Destiny 2 for the PC, a large number of players vented their frustrations online as they claim that they have been wrongfully banned from the game.

The speculation was that they were banned due to using third-party programs while playing Destiny 2. However, these programs are not cheating software or hacking tools but rather harmless apps such as chat program Discord and streaming program Open Broadcaster Software.

Bungie Denies 'Destiny 2' PC Ban Wave

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, responded to the controversy through a blog post, where it said that it did recently banned players but only numbering 400. The developer said that the players were banned because they were using software that were classified as threats to the game and that it will never ban players for using performance or overlay apps such as Discord and Xsplit.

Players, however, are firing back at Bungie. A redditor who goes by the handle munkimatt posted on the official thread on the issue at the official Destiny subreddit that he was banned while using a PC that only had Windows 10, the Blizzard launcher, and Destiny 2 installed.

The tug-of-war between Bungie and Destiny 2 PC players continued, with a community representative on the official Destiny 2 forums stating that incompatible third-party programs might prevent Destiny 2 from launching, but they will never lead to a ban. David Shaw, the Bungie PC project lead, even tweeted this:

It is unclear what is going on here, as it is either a significant number of players have all decided to tell lies about being banned from the game or Bungie is trying to cover up a massive false-flagging issue on how bans are handed out to Destiny 2 PC players.

One good defense that Bungie noted in its blog post, however, is that there is no system that automatically bans players from Destiny 2 on the PC. All bans are manually reviewed and carried out, and so there is simply no way for such a massive ban wave to happen affecting that many players.

It remains to be seen how this all unfolds, but let's hope that everything is resolved quickly.

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