Instagram introduced a new Superzoom feature that is both hilarious and easy to use, further expanding the creative tools at the disposal of its users.

The feature comes just in time for Halloween, which Instagram will also be celebrating though face filters and stickers.

We Are All Dramatic Chipmunks With Instagram Superzoom

If your meme game is on point, you would know about the iconic Dramatic Chipmunk video. It was actually a prairie dog, not a chipmunk, but the video became viral because of the animal's expression and the camera work.

While people have been able to replicate the Dramatic Chipmunk video's effects through the manual zoom of their smartphone cameras, Instagram's Superzoom feature will make things easier for users.

The Instagram Superzoom feature, now available on the iOS and Android versions of the app, lets users create the Dramatic Chipmunk-style zooming effect with just one tap of a button.

To activate the Superzoom feature, users can simply access the Instagram Stories camera, swipe to the tool located next to the Boomerang feature, and then select whether to use the front camera or the rear camera. Upon tapping the button, a 3-second Superzoom will be recorded, but users can extend the video up to 15 seconds by holding on the button.

Further amplifying the hilarity of the feature is the dramatic music that comes with the Superzoom effect.

Users who access their Instagram and do not see the Superzoom tool should first make sure that they have updated to the latest version of the app. Users can also try logging out and then logging back in to the app, deleting and re-installing the app, and simply waiting for the feature to appear as the rollout may be gradual.

The Instagram Superzoom feature works similarly as the Boomerang tool, creating short videos that have been popular in the Instagram Stories section. Users should expect endless Superzoom videos on Instagram Stories over the next few weeks, and should probably make some of their own.

Instagram For Halloween

In the same blog post that announced the Superzoom feature, Instagram also revealed that several Halloween-themed face filters and stickers have been added to the app.

Among the filters that have been added to Instagram include a zombie filter, a vampire-into-bat filter, and a creepy fog filter. Halloween stickers, on the other hand, include severed hands, floating eyeballs, menacing pumpkins, and more.

The Halloween content on Instagram will be available until Nov. 1.

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