iPhone X Impressions, Videos Are Out Early As Apple Takes Odd Release Strategy


Apple had a couple of lucky fans and YouTubers over its New York penthouse to give them a chance to try out the iPhone X.

While that seems odd to say the least considering the Cupertino brand's release strategy in the past, this spells good news for anyone because now more and more details surrounding the highly anticipated iPhone are coming to light.

iPhone X Impressions

Most notably, Steven Levy of Wired received a review unit of the iPhone X, who then wrote a first impression piece.

This short description may not do justice to his article, but the gist of it is that the screen measures at the same size of the iPhone 8 Plus but fitted in the body of an iPhone 8, the Face ID delivers a reliable experience but sometimes misses the mark, and the new gestures are intuitive.

For those who don't know, Levy was among the first reviewers of the original iPhone, whom Steve Jobs picked to take it out for a spin, when he was still working for Newsweek. Interestingly, other people who were chosen by the former Apple CEO include ex-Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg, ex-New York Times technology writer David Pogue, and USA Today's Ed Baig.

Axios cofounder Mike Allen is also one of the many who got ahold of the iPhone X, who then handed it over to his nephew to play with. In a post, he highlights the screen size, Face ID, Animoji, and selfie features, to name a few.

To sum things up, he writes that "it's a taste of the future," but in a lot of ways, it's "cool, unnecessary technology."

Actress Mindy Kaling also gave Glamour her impressions of the iPhone X, focusing on Face ID, wireless charging, Portrait Lighting, and, of course, Animoji.

Last but not least, Apple also sent an iPhone X to Ellen DeGeneres's way, and it was then featured on The Ellen Show.

iPhone X Videos

As a result of Apple's invitations, a slew of videos started popping up on the internet courtesy of, UrAvgConsumer, Soldier Knows Best, and Highsnobiety.

While they don't exactly go in-depth, they do show the iPhone X in action. The thing is, most of them leave the impression of being a tad too positive, which is presumably the effect that Apple wanted all along to hype up the phone — a couple of YouTubers that the target audience can relate to, who speak highly of the handset.


In short, what the people like about the iPhone X are its main selling points, including but not limited to the Face ID, the bezel-less design that lets a huge screen fit into a smallish form factor, and Animoji. Needless to say, that's a success on Apple's part.

Still, sending out and inviting people over to try out its yet-to-be-released flagship for some early impressions to circulate seem to be a peculiar way of promoting the handset, not to mention that this iPhone in particular is arguably the biggest launch that the company has had since time immemorial.

At any rate, what matters here is that more nitty-gritty details of the iPhone X are making rounds online, giving everyone a closer look at what to expect from the "future of the smartphone."

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