These Are The New Raid Bosses In 'Pokémon GO'


There are big changes for Raids coming to Pokémon GO. For a long time, players have been battling the same creatures from the non-Legendary Raid tiers, and it's not surprising that they've been repeatedly asking Niantic to change things up a bit because things are kind of becoming increasingly stale.

Apparently, Niantic has been listening to players' woes because it has just surprised them with a rotation of all Raid bosses, adding nearly 20 new creatures for players to beat in Raid battles.

Pokémon GO Gets New Raid Bosses: Will Old Ones Be Thrown Out Entirely?

Nearly all former bosses were thrown out, although some were spared from the rotation, at least for now. All the new are almost first-generation Pokémon, although the recently added Sableye was made a Level 2 Raid boss.

Though a welcome addition, the arrival of new Raid bosses has generated some speculation among Pokémon GO players. Some say the new Pokémon could be cycled out of egg pools and spawn areas when the game brings more creatures later this year, meaning Raid battles will be one of the only viable method of acquiring such Pokémon, along with the candies they come with.

Full List Of New Raid Bosses

As compiled by The Silph Road, below is the full list of new Raid bosses for Pokémon GO, divided into tiers:

Tier 1

Ivysaur - CP: 5238

Wartortle - CP: 4503

Charmeleon - CP: 5085

Metapod - CP: 1534

In tier 1, all the previous bosses — Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, and Magikarp — have been cycled out, but players should find the replacements more than satisfactory.

Tier 2

Magneton - CP: 14172

Sableye - CP: 8266

Tentacruel - CP: 12190

Sandslash - CP: 12312

Marowak - CP: 9891

Cloyster - CP: 15678

As with tier 1, all the old bosses in tier 2have been replaced with new ones. Cloyster and Magneton are standouts, being pretty strong bosses for low-level players to beat.

Tier 3

Ninetales - CP: 14914

Scyther - CP: 17358

Omastar - CP: 18915

Porygon - CP: 11419

Not listed above are Alakazam, Gengar, and Machamp, which will all remain in tier 3, thankfully.

Tier 4

Poliwrath - CP: 24272

Victreebel - CP: 23780

Golem - CP: 30572

Nidoking - CP: 24873

Nidoqueen - CP: 23216

As with tier 3, some of the old bosses will remain, including Tyranitar, Lapras, and Snorlax.

Thoughts about the new Raid bosses in Pokémon GO versus the old ones? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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