You Can Now Get Spotify Premium For Just 99 Cents


Lately it seems like we can't go a day without seeing Spotify grab headlines, especially when it involves Taylor Swift. Whichever side of the feud you're on, I bet you're going to love this bit of Spotify news.

The music streaming service announced today that it is offering its Premium subscription for just 99 cents for three months until Dec. 31. A Spotify Premium subscription typically costs more than 10 times that at $9.99 per month, so what you're thinking is exactly right. This is a pretty sweet deal. And just in time for the holidays to boot. Swift herself might even be tempted to check it out.

Yes, Spotify is a free service that gives you access to millions of songs by pretty much any artist you can think of, with the exception of the aforementioned Swift. However, Spotify Premium has some nifty features that are worth checking out, especially for just 99 cents. Spotify Premium allows you to listen to music offline in high definition and without any ads. Ironically, those ads always seem to be promoting Spotify Premium anyway, don't they? You might as well just give in.

This deal may sound like a steal, but it's actually a smart move on the part of Spotify to prove it's more than a so-called "grand experiment." The company announced in November that it has 50 million active users, 12.5 million of which are subscribers that pay more than $120 a year for the service. This could definitely be a great way to get even more users to pay for Spotify Premium even beyond the three months. Take that, Taylor Swift.

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