iOS 11 Adoption Rate Passes 50 Percent In Under 2 Months, And That's Too Slow For Apple


It took just under two months for the majority of iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices to upgrade to iOS 11, which might look impressive but is actually too slow for Apple.

The late update on the iOS 11 adoption rate was in mid-October, when it was reported that 47 percent of Apples mobile devices have upgraded to the latest major version of the operating system. It took less than a month for the percentage to increase by 5 points, which is lower than what Apple would have hoped but still something that Google can only dream of for Android 8.0 Oreo.

iOS 11 Adoption Rate: Too Slow?

According to statistics shared by Apple on the App Store support page for developers, the iOS 11 adoption rate is at 52 percent, while it stands at 38 percent for iOS 10 and 10 percent for earlier versions of the mobile operating system.

The growth of the iOS 11 adoption rate, while steady, has been slower compared to previous major versions. It was released on Sept. 13, which meant that it took just less than two months to reach the majority of Apple's mobile devices. In comparison, the iOS 10 took less than a month to achieve the milestone, while the iOS 9 was even faster as it took less than a week.

While iOS 9 keeps its title as the version with the fastest adoption ever, the iOS 11 adoption rate is still pretty fast. Google, for example, will likely have no chance of getting the majority of Android devices to the latest version of its mobile operating system within a year. The fragmentation problem of Android is on full display with the Android 8.0 Oreo adoption rate, which stood at a measly 0.2 percent after over a month from its official release date.

Why Are Users Not Upgrading To iOS 11?

Given the faster adoption rates of previous iOS versions, why are users taking so long to upgrade to iOS 11?

The reason behind the trend is likely the many iOS 11 problems that have been reported. A battery drain issue that has been around since the initial launch of iOS 11 appears to have been solved by iOS 11.1, but then an autocorrect bug appears on the operating system's predictive keyboard.

Until Apple is able to roll out a perfect working version of iOS 11, the remaining 48 percent of iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners who have still not upgraded to the latest version of the mobile operating system might continue to hold out.

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