OnePlus 5T's Dash Charge Is So Good That OnePlus Didn't Include Wireless Charging


Dash Charge is touted to provide "a day's power in half an hour" or about 58 percent of juice, and OnePlus boasts that it's a cut above the rest — or at least, better than Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging.

That's basically why the company didn't even bother to go with wireless charging for its phones, and that means the upcoming OnePlus 5T won't have the feature.

OnePlus 5T, Wireless Charging Not Happening

In a forum post, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explained why the OnePlus 5T won't support wireless charging, offering two reasons to sum things up.

"Reason 1: Wired quick charging solutions like ours clearly outshine wireless on quantitative measures. Just plug your device in, and Dash Charge produces 20 watts of power, reliably giving a day's power in half an hour."

The point here is that wireless charging can't match the rate of power delivery that wired charging can, which is Dash Charge in this case, not to mention that users have to perfectly align the phone and the pad to reach the theoretical output of 15 watts.

"Reason 2: Dash Charge gives you enough power for the day with just one charging session. All you need is the Dash Charge cable and adaptor to consistently power your device at superior rate. It doesn't matter whether you're gaming or streaming video. Dash Charge stays cool and power efficient."

The problem that Lau highlighted here is that wireless charging is restricting compared with wired charging. Users can't really use the handset while it's charging that way, such as picking it up to play a game or take a photo, because they have to keep the phone in a certain position to wirelessly charge it on a pad.

Wireless Charging Isn't Out Of The Game

Just like other technologies, wireless charging has been improving to be more efficient and practical for everyday use, particularly Qi. Even Apple has gotten in on it too with its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

However, from the look of things, OnePlus doesn't see the point of wireless charging just yet since it believes the technology can't hold a candle to fast-charging solutions such as its Dash Charge, as Lau explained.

That said, it doesn't mean that OnePlus won't implement wireless charging support, as its smartphones will sport the feature "when the time is right."

The OnePlus 5T So Far

Until the big unveiling event on Nov. 16, the specifics of the OnePlus 5T is still pretty much unknown — unless OnePlus keeps posting more details such as the absence of wireless charging and the confirmation of a headphone jack.

Still, keeping mum doesn't stop leaks and rumors from making rounds online.

One instance of this is the OnePlus 5T renders that revealed a bezel-less, curved glass display, but another more recent example of this concerns the price. The OnePlus 5T could cost the same as the OnePlus 5, which is $479 for the 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB model and $539 for the 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB one, according to TechRadar.

Needless to say, it's recommended to take the leaks and rumors with a grain of salt, but at the very least, the OnePlus 5T won't have wireless charging but will have a headphone jack.

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