The 2017 lineup for premium Android flagships is quite plump already. There's the LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, three new iPhones, two new Pixel phones, and even one from BlackBerry. Varied as they are, though, they have one predominant thing in common — they're all pretty expensive devices.

So what's an Android fan on a budget to do? Thankfully, there's brands such as Oppo, OnePlus, and Motorola that offer pretty decent alternatives for much, much cheaper — and some of these devices can even compete with steeply priced flagships mentioned above, especially OnePlus.

It's going to unveil its follow-up to the One 5 soon, called the OnePlus 5T.

Will The OnePlus 5T Be A Reskinned Oppo R11s?

What are rumors saying? Details are murky right now, but the company confirmed recently that the phone will still have a headphone jack — a rarity these days. Evan Blass also shared an alleged render days ago, hinting that the OnePlus 5T, like the many flagships before it, will feature a nearly bezel-less display.

But actually, though, the OnePlus 5T has already been revealed — well, sort of. Remember the Oppo R11s? It's made by Oppo, and Oppo is owned by BBK Electronics, a major Chinese manufacturer also responsible for OnePlus devices. So should it be a surprise that OnePlus and Oppo phones often share similar designs?

Having a hard time believing that? Look at the OnePlus 5. Upon release, several users noted its similarity to the Oppo R11. In fact, they said it was essentially a spitting image of Oppo's flagship, down to the antenna lines, the positioning of the dual cameras, and the back panel's finish.

While there were differences in specs, it doesn't seem OnePlus radically changed the product design by much, and the same thing will likely continue for the company's next flagship.

Check out the OnePlus 5 and Oppo R11 below:

Check out what the OnePlus 5T allegedly looks like, as per Evan Blass:

Now look at the design of the Oppo R11s:

It's hard to get a clear picture of the OnePlus 5T at the moment, but even now it seems both look identical. That being said, looking identically is entirely different from performing identically, and it stands to reason that OnePlus's imminent flagship will at least have higher performance gains than Oppo's phone.

OnePlus 5T

Everything is just pure speculation for now, however, so keep that in mind, but the similarities pictured above don't lie. Time will still tell, though.

OnePlus hints the launch will happen in New York, possibly sometime this November.

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