Mimikyu Has A Z-Move In ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun’ And ‘Ultra Moon’ And It’s Downright Creepy


In an odd turn of events, Mimiku has been given another chance to shine, this time in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, upcoming sequels to last year's Sun and Moon.

Let's Snuggle Forever

Mimikyu, believe it or not, is now the latest Pokémon to be given a Z-Move, first introduced in Sun and Moon as a special move outside the creature's typical moveset. It is a powerful, even fatal move that can cause an opponent to faint immediately.

But "powerful" and "fatal" might not be the most accurate words to describe Mimikyu's Z-Move. First of all, it's called "Let's Snuggle Forever." Doesn't that sound extremely terrifying and threatening?

All jokes aside, the fact that it's called that is actually pretty heart-wrenching, since even Mimikyu's Z-Move is an example of how much it wants to be loved by others. For the uninitiated, Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon hiding behind an old rag to disguise its terrifying appearance from other Pokémon. Aw.

But given that information, Mimikyu's Z-Move is actually pretty savage. Let's Snuggle Forever involves Mimikyu trapping the opponent under its rag completely as it thrashes and tosses inside, unable to escape. One can only imagine how utterly terrifying Mimikyu looks under that veil. While other Z-Moves cause physical harm to opponents, Mimikyu inflicts psychological terror. That's something you wouldn't expect such a cute, lonely Pokémon could do.

The Mystery That Is Mimikyu

Mimikyu has a mixed history in the games and the animated series. In the games, it's merely a tragic yet sweet Pokémon longing for love and attention. Its Pikachu costume is actually even a deliberate way to win friends over. However, in the animated series, things are different.

In the series, Mimikyu actually hates Pikachu and wears the costume out of its impassioned hatred toward it. The Z-Move appears to be a combination borrowing from both those elements, since it still has an evident cutesy vibe before the sinister one kicks in.

In any case, fans will be glad that Mimikyu now has its own Z-Move, especially since it's such a fascinating Pokémon with a remarkable and curious history. It's definitely one of the more unique designs and concepts the franchise has released in years.

'Pokémon Ultra Sun' And 'Ultra Moon'

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released for Nintendo 3DS systems on Nov, 17. It'll be a treat for longtime Pokémon fans since Team Rocket will make an appearance, and so are other villains as well.

Both titles have been announced as the last Pokémon RPGs that'll ever be released for the system, as The Pokémon Company will shift its focus to developing titles for Nintendo's more recent and significantly more powerful handheld console console, the Switch.

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