Facebook Kills Messenger Day, Merges It With Facebook Stories


Facebook has finally decided to gut its Messenger Day service, a Snapchat clone right within the ultra-popular messaging app. But don't clang the toll bells yet — it's not actually going away. Facebook has simply decided that it would be easier if it was merged with Facebook Stories, the separate Snapchat clone integrated into the Facebook site itself.

Now, how come these two weren't merged in the first place? It's safe to assume that had they been combined from the get-go, Facebook users probably would have had a much easier time participating because there was a single, cross-platform Stories service, not separate ones. Perhaps that's why Facebook Stories usage is so low?

Facebook Stories And Messenger Day Merged

Facebook is calling the two merged services simply as "Stories," and it's also gutting another feature called Direct, an ephemeral messaging feature.

Stories will be synced across Facebook and Messenger, so if a user views a Story post on Messenger, it will no longer appear as unviewed if they switch to the Facebook app. However, filters will remain separate. As for Direct, all replies to Stories, in addition to Facebook Camera messages, will instead be rerouted through Messenger going forward.

Facebook decided to merge the services after hearing from some users that they often have to upload their Stories twice — first for Messenger, then for Facebook. Streamlining Stories appears to be the best solution Facebook thought of to prevent this.

"We heard from people that they would often share on Facebook or Messenger, save the photo or video, and then post to the other. Now, it's quicker and easier to capture and share moments as they happen with the people you care about most!" wrote Facebook in a post.

Other Updates To Stories

Along with the above-mentioned changes, Facebook is also adding another feature: collaborative Stories for events and groups. It's basically a crowdsourced version of a typical Story, where multiple users are allowed to contribute their own content in a single, all-encompassing Story post. Submissions will be moderated by the group's administrators.

Facebook is also implementing smaller changes for Stories, including privacy settings and the launch of Facebook Stories for the stripped-down version of its app, Facebook Lite.

The changes come as Facebook attempts to figure out how to convince everyone to make Facebook Stories a regular part of their social media activity. In August, it lets people create GIFs, and more recently, it added a new feature on Instagram which lets users share their story content to Facebook.

What do you make of Facebook Stories and Messenger Day merging? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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