You Can Wear Alola Outfits In ‘Pokémon GO’: Here’s How


To celebrate the launch of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17, Pokémon GO players can dress up their avatars like the trainers from Alola. This is part of a giveaway that's now live in the mobile game.

Players can pick up the outfits for free. For males, it includes a blue tank top, a bucket hat, swimming trunks, leggings, and sneakers. Females, on the other hand, get to wear a lively orange tank top, a sun hat, shorts, and sandals. They're kind of anachronistic since in the real world, it's already November, but they look refreshing regardless.

Free Outfits From Alola Region For 'Pokémon GO' Players

"Beginning [Nov. 13], Trainers can dress their Pokémon GO avatars in the colorful tropical outfits worn by the main male and female characters seen in the Pokémon video games launching worldwide on November 17," announced Pokémon on its official site.

It's worth noting that this marks the first time for Niantic and The Pokémon Company to use their mobile game to promote an upcoming mainline series. Even when the popularity of the franchise peaked between the release of Pokémon GO and the launch of Sun and Moon, the companies kept the game separate.

Seventh-Generation Pokémon Coming?

There was one time, though, where a Mimikyu hat appeared on the mobile game as part of its Halloween festivities, so it's pretty clear the companies are willing to reference the current generation of mainline games. Does this mean more creatures from Alola will make their way to the game soon?

Well, not quite. In fact, it's highly unlikely for that to happen. If Niantic is already pretty cagey about bringing third-generation Pokémon into the mix, what more for seventh-generation creatures? So don't expect to find Alola monsters in the game anytime soon. Then again, time will tell.

Expect this setup to continue for future Pokémon game releases. Although this might not actually happen anytime soon since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have already been confirmed as the last Pokémon RPGs on the 3DS. Perhaps the next thing Pokémon GO will promote is the Pokémon Switch title that's currently in development — that is if Pokémon GO is still popular by the time the game is released.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are out Nov. 17 for Nintendo 3DS systems.

Thoughts on Pokémon GO's free outfits from the Alola region? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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