New Overwatch Hero Moira Now Available On PS4, Xbox One And PC


Moira O'Deorain, the hybrid hero Overwatch announced a couple of weeks ago at BlizzCon, is now available for players across all platforms. Blizzard Entertainment also released update 2.23 earlier today, which includes several hero and game play changes such as a new Arcade mode feature, skill updates, and bug fixes.

Healer Or DPS: Why Not Both?

Simply known as Moira, the new Overwatch hero is a hybrid support character who dishes out considerable amount of damage to enemies aside from providing additional healing to allies. This makes her an interesting character to play, as gamers can either choose to become a support or a DPS member of the team.

Blizzard first added Moira to the PTR on Nov. 6, allowing Overwatch testers to provide comments and feedback on the hero's play style. Whenever they feel that a hero's overpowered or underpowered, they are free to send their thoughts, which Blizzard reviews during the PTR phase.

The fact that Moira was immediately added to the roster of playable characters just a week later could mean beta testers were satisfied with the new dimension she brings to the game.

Origin Story

In addition to Moira's healing and life-sapping skills, the new character also boasts an in-depth background story, providing details to her origins and ulterior motives in Overwatch. In a promotional video released by Blizzard a few weeks ago, it highlights Moira's profession as a geneticist.

Throughout the video, Moira reveals that as a geneticist, her ultimate ambition is to take the next step in human evolution. Unfortunately, Overwatch deemed her methods as "too radical" and "too controversial." That was when she became allies with the likes of Blackwatch, Talon, and the Reaper — a known baddie in the game.

Aside from Moira's great reveal, the 2.23 update also includes a number of character ability and game play changes. Blizzard continues to find the right balance among heroes, nerfing some skills and abilities while making others stronger.

Manipulate Life's Essence with Moira

For Overwatch players who are starting to get bored of the one-dimensional heroes in the game, Moira brings something new that is surely challenging even to the most seasoned of players.

The new support hybrid can now be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, where players can begin testing Blizzard's latest character this free weekend. However, take note that like previous newly released heroes, Moira would not be available for ranked matches until after its first week.

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