Taco Bell Employees Eligible For $4K+ Discount On 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport


Black Friday is around the corner and discounts on products are raining all around. Some are straightforward while some are mind-boggling. One such offer is from Chevrolet for Taco Bell employees at a whopping $4k+ on its flagship sports car.

The employees are in for a treat from Chevrolet for its 2018 Corvette Grand Sport model, which retails at around $65,495 at the base in the market. With this sweet deal, the employees can save big time on the Black Friday savings. Discounts on Corvette is under the supplier group discounts and Taco Bell employees luckily fall into this category.

Chevrolet has been generous enough to extend the supplier's discounts to not just auto parts suppliers, but also those who are not main parts suppliers, just like Taco Bell.

The $4k+ Corvette Grand Sport Discount Details

The $4K+ discount on the sports car is meant for GM Suppliers. It is a way to reward the employees of the companies with which GM does its business with. However, the scope of discounts is not restricted by this very definition. The Supplier Pricing is the backbone of this scheme. By going deep, it is understood that many employees will benefit from this program.

The scheme includes GM military Discount, GM College Discount, and GM Educator Discount. All of these are limited time offers, generally released for the Black Friday. The Supplier Pricing is calculated in the same way across all the discount programs.

The discount for supplier employees is calculated with a formula: Destination + Invoice with options + $200 program fee.

Those who want to make use of this discount can visit the GM program website and generate an authorization code. The code is valid for 90 days and the person can take it to any participating Chevrolet dealer. GM also provides a lookup tool to see whether the company is the supplier group or not.

Supplier discount is pretty straightforward and can provide a really good value for the money invested.

The Supplier discounts are applicable on all range of vehicles produced by GM. Although there are some limited edition vehicles that do not run these discounts.

For the upcoming Black Friday sale, those who are considering to add a new Corvette to their garage, this is the right moment to do so.

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