Say Hello To The Flaming Undead Giant: Bloodborne Players Spot Missing Monster 3 Years After Release


Believe it or not, after three years of the launch of Bloodborne, players have just discovered a missing flaming monster while searching the depths of the dungeons. The Flaming undead giant was thought to have been deleted from the original release of the game. However, here it is right in front of the player, ready to play its part.

With this discovery, the community is abuzz, as to what lies inside the game and what could be hidden in the interior parts of the gameplay. It adds excitement and curiousness to explore the unknown when something jumps out of the blue and is the main part of the storyline.

The Missing Undead Giant

The Flaming Undead Giant was thought to have been removed from the final version of the game of Bloodborne. However, the Giant was lurking inside the game for the players to discover it. The game has caught everyone by surprise. It has generated enough fervor for playing the game in hopes of finding something new and surprising.

Back in 2014, Hidetaka Miyazaki the director of Bloodborne played against the Flaming Undead Giant at a PlayStation stage demonstration. It appeared in one of the randomly generated Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons. When the game was officially released in 2015, the Flaming Undead Giant was nowhere inside the game. Hence, the gamers thought that it was cut off from the final version.

The Discovery Of The Giant

After a lot of playing and exploring the countless dungeons, player KolbrotKommander finally found Flaming Undead Giant on a fateful day. KolbortKommander is a part of the reddit Tomb Prospectors group. It specialises in Chalice Dungeon exploration.

According to the players, many would have come across these Flaming Giants; however, they would have dismissed it as a glitch in the gameplay. The game is filled with surprises and there are much stranger giants lurking in the dungeons.

For those who want to play the Giant in the game, they can use the Glyph: pa6ssc6u. Bloodborne boss fights are not easy and every dungeon presents a new challenge. The Flaming Undead Giant attacks with a pair of blades. One is a hook hand and the other hand is part-sword. This sword is on fire and hence its glorious name. The Giant is a tough contender and an experienced player will find it hard to tackle.

To get the feel of what awaits for a player when they face this monster, they can see the video to understand its strength and weaknesses to have a better shot at it.

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