Apple's iPhone SE, announced in 2016, stood as a great fit for Apple fans who wanted the latest specs but favored the iPhone 5's gorgeously premium feel and design, not to mention its smaller display.

There have been several rumors that Apple will release another iteration of it, but none have proven accurate. A new rumor, however, suggests Apple will release a revamped iPhone SE in early 2018, one that's loaded with a much faster A10 chip while possibly retaining its same design and compact size.

Apple To Release A More Powerful iPhone SE

That comes from a report by Focus Taiwan, which suggests Wistron Corp., a Taiwan-based contract electronics maker, is currently in preparation for expanding its production base in India to manufacture the next-generation iPhone SE.

The move is Apple's way of building its share of the Indian smartphone market, giving Wistron majority of the orders. Sources say Wistron will target the Indian market first before launching the iPhone SE worldwide, though sources note that's an unlikely claim. Within India, the smartphone will be marketed to potential customers looking for a cheaper and much more compact device than other variants in the market.

Other details remain murky, only that the new iPhone SE will have upgraded internals. If true, it will have the same chip both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have, which continues the tradition of the iPhone SE being a small powerhouse smartphone. Improvements across the board, including the screen, the camera, and others, remain uncertain.

Why Releasing A New iPhone SE Is A Smart Move For Apple

If rumors about a revamped iPhone SE proves accurate, then Apple stands to have four iPhone models in 2018: its marquee 10th-anniversary iPhone 8, two iterative versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus called the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus, and this one. It's a smart move, to be sure, because all those models will cater to various demographics. Many will certainly buy Apple's most latest flagship, but many will also choose the iterative versions instead if the main device proves to be too expensive. The iPhone SE will stand as a nice in-between option for some, it seems.

As always, however, take all that's mentioned above with a grain of salt, although for what's it worth, such a strategy actually makes sense, especially since unveiling an all-new radically designed iPhone can either be welcomed with open arms or meet the ire of customers if it fails to meet their expectations.

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