The YouTube app has been having a frustrating battery drain issue on iPhones and iPads running Apple's iOS 11, but it's finally getting a fix.

In a mobile-driven era, smartphones and tablets are used for a slew of applications beyond just calling and texting, and media consumption is typically front and center. For many, YouTube is the go-to app to watch music videos, tutorials, funny clips, movie scenes, political debates, educational videos, cartoons, and whatnot.

YouTube Battery Drain On iOS

At the same time, however, watching videos on YouTube takes a toll on a device's battery life as it is. Also, if there's a separate issue on top of the regular battery consumption, then it can drain a smartphone's or a tablet's battery life much faster than it should.

That's precisely the case with the YouTube app for iOS 11. iPhone and iPad users have been reporting that it would overheat the device and deplete the battery in no time. Simply watching a video should not take such a heavy toll on an iOS device's CPU and GPU, yet some users reported that spending just 15 minutes on YouTube would make the device considerably warm and would drain more than 10 percent of its battery life.

While the YouTube app has always affected battery life, in this case, it had a more negative toll than it should. Fortunately for YouTube fans on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11, those battery woes should now be over.

YouTube App Update Fixes Battery Drain

The YouTube app for iOS has received an update to version 12.45 on Monday, November 27, on the App Store, and the release notes mention that it has "fixed an issue with battery usage."

The release notes don't offer any additional details as to what caused the issue in the first place, so it remains unclear whether the problem was in the app code or in iOS 11 itself.

After the update, YouTube should no longer have an unusual effect on an iPhone's or iPad's battery life. The update is 196 MB and is now available for download on the App Store. In terms of compatibility, the app works with iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch running on iOS 9 or later.

Have you experienced abnormal battery drain issues with the YouTube app for iOS? If so, did the app update finally fix the issue and allow for a normal battery consumption. Drop by our comments section below and tells us how it worked out.

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