Bungie has canceled what would have been the last of three Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris livestreams, as the developer decided that it will instead address the concerns of players on the futuristic shooter.

Players are angry over the state of Destiny 2, not just because of the recently discovered rigged XP system, but also due to many other issues about the game.

Bungie To Replace 'Destiny 2': Curse of Osiris Stream With Developer Commentary

In an official post on Bungie's forums, community manager David "DeeJ" Dague wrote that the third and final stream for Curse of Osiris, planned for Wednesday, Nov. 29, will not push through. The developer was planning to highlight some of the new weapons and armor that will be included in the expansion.

"Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2," DeeJ said, adding that the leaders of the studio will talk about the future of the game. Players will also be able to expect to learn how Bungie will react to feedback, through the updates that are planned to be released over the next few weeks.

The developer commentary about Destiny 2 and its future will be published on the Bungie Blog, so players should stay tuned to find out if the game will again be worth playing.

Destiny 2 Problems

Bungie is likely hoping that Curse of Osiris, the first Destiny 2 expansion that will be released on Dec. 5, will revive interest in the futuristic shooter. However, a paid add-on will likely not do the trick, especially as the problems that players have with the game run deep.

In the aforementioned rigged XP controversy, it was discovered that Bungie was causing players to lose their earned XP as the points were not properly updated in the in-game progress bar.

Bungie has previously mentioned that it will release Destiny 2 endgame updates soon, which will include new things for hardcore players to do. It is likely that the specific plans will be unveiled in the upcoming developer commentary.

Other Destiny 2 problems include flaws in the loot system, the new way of acquiring and using shaders, and the bigger issue of a lack of communication between Bungie and the players.

Destiny 2 Free Trial Now Available

For players who are still interested in trying out Destiny 2 despite all the problems, Bungie has rolled out a free trial for the game.

The free trial, which is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, will allow players to check out the first hours of Destiny 2, including EDZ and Titan campaign missions, Crucible Quickplay Playlist, and character progression up to level 7, among other things.

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