Destiny 2 players are on the lookout for finding out the cause of fall in XP they have been noticing for so long. Now, an avid player has figured out exactly what went wrong and Bungie has responded.

Bungie And The 'Destiny 2' XP Glitch

In September, Bungie released Destiny 2 for its fans who loved the other versions. Shortly after the game's release, players started to realize that after the cap of 20, their XP levels weren't properly updated on the XP progress bar. They were certain that a loss of XP was evident, however, they were not able to pinpoint where exactly the loss was taking place.

It was the Reddit gamer EnergiserX who came out with his analysis and showed Bungie where the game was stealing XP from the players. Bungie, on its official page, has agreed to the rigged system and has assured to clear things up for the players. Soon for every player of the game, experience points (XP) will stop behaving the way it does right now.

Importance Of XP

With the start of a new character in Destiny 2, experience points (XP) are the main source of leveling up the character. The more XP for a player, the higher levels she or he gains. It is important to acquire new abilities, which helps to progress later on in the game.

Players noticed that when played lightly, the level of XP climbs normally to up to 20, but once it hits 20, it takes on a different role altogether. The players were able to get XP but their XP would fill up the bar and out of nowhere, will offer Bright Engram.

In the game, Bright Engrams are loot boxes that contain random cosmetic items for the character. These include emotes, ornaments, and ships for character enhancement.

There is also the option to purchase these items with real money through the microtransaction store of Bungie. But given the controversies over Battlefront 2, Bungie should not fuzz with the players' game experience.

XP System Fixed

Bungie has listened to the clamor created by players on different platforms and has now deactivated the XP system. Players will see XP gains across all formats consistently, with no interference on the user interface.

Bungie will monitor the data with regard to Destiny 2 XP and will make sure that both players and the game itself benefit from this approach. All related development will be communicated through the official channels.

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