Processed Bone Treats May Kill Your Dog, FDA Warns After 15 Dogs Die


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned dog owners that processed bone treats may be deadly to their pets.

The FDA has received 15 reports of dogs dying after eating one of these bone treats, so it would simply be best for dog owners to listen to the warning and avoid buying them for their pets.

Processed Bone Treats May Be Fatal To Dogs

The FDA released a consumer update regarding the so-called bone treats, which are different from the butcher-type bones that are sold uncooked because they are processed and packaged as dog treats.

According to the FDA, it has received 68 reports of processed bone treats causing harm to a total of 90 dogs, and 15 of these dogs died as a result of eating the treats. The other effects of the processed bone treats included blocked digestive tracts, choking, wounds inside the mouth or on the tonsils, diarrhea, vomiting, and bleeding from the rectum.

The FDA did not name any specific brands, but the processed bone treats were described as Ham Bones, Rib Bones, Pork Femur Bones, and Smokey Knuckle Bones. The products may have been dried by baking or smoking, and could contain additional ingredients such as seasoning and preservatives.

Many dog owners know that some bones such as those of chickens and turkeys are unsafe for their pets, as they are brittle and may damage the dog's insides. Five brands of rawhide dog chews were also recalled earlier this year as they contained traces of an ammonium compound that made dogs sick. With the FDA's warnings and the 15 fatal cases, dog owners should also now avoid these processed bone treats.

Take Care Of Your Dogs

Dog owners are reminded to consult with veterinarians to provide proper care for their pets, which is the least that people can do for all the good that they bring to our lives.

A recent Mayo Clinic study revealed that people who sleep with dogs in the bedroom have better sleep, whether the dogs were small or big breeds. This is likely because pet owners find comfort in knowing that their dogs are in the bedroom with them as they rest.

Another recent study, this time from Swedish scientists, discovered that people who own dogs have lower risks of dying due to a cardiovascular disease, with those owning hunting dogs carrying the lowest risk. The researchers also discovered that dog ownership was a prominent protective factor for people who were living alone.

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